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Inuyasha and the Red Power Rangers from Forever Red Survey

Among the Red Power Rangers in Forever Red, which is the Power Rangers Wild Force where Red Rangers from previous seasons gather to defeat a greater evil in the form of Serpenterra, who do you think Inuyasha would call as his big brother and best friend forever? A. Jason Lee Scott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) B. Aurico (Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers) C. Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers Zeo) D. Theodore Jay “TJ” Jarvis Johnson (Power Rangers Turbo) E. Andros (Power Rangers in Space) F. Leo Corbett (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) G. Carter Grayson (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) H. Wesley “Wes” Collins (Power Rangers Time Force) I. Eric Myers (Power Rangers Time Force) J. Cole Evans (Power Rangers Wild Force)

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The Toonami Era’s Inurangers Teams (Updated)

Greetings and salutations, fellow aficionados of anime, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and everything early 1990s to early 2000s, Antoni here. Be prepared to don those nostalgia goggles once again, everybody, because I am going to take you back to the years where my fictionalised version of Saban’s Power Rangers franchise from August 28, 1993 to August 10, 2002, with the final Saban-Era Power Ranger incarnation Wild Force airing its twenty-sixth episode before moving to Disney, would have aired on Toonami from August 28, 2000 to September 20, 2008. As to be expected, these also include the Inuranger movie tie-ins much like their real-life counterparts in the forms of 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie and 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Strap in for a morphenomenal ride back to your childhoods, fellow 90s to early 2000s friends, and stay glued to your television screens with some popcorn .   This will mark the last time I am ever going to redo this list of what I would call the Toonami Era of the Inurangers franchise, which is the Saban Era of Power Rangers franchises’s fictionalised counterpart. It is not because I do not want to do it anymore, but because I love the Saban Era of the Power Rangers even with some of its gaping flaws and moments of campiness, and, of course, I also love anime with a passion. Even looking back at the previous attempts of making the Toonami-Era Inurangers teams list, I did not know what I was thinking when assigning certain characters these particular rangers. For instance, the fact that I made Kyuzo from Samurai 7 the Inuranger version of Cole Evans of Wild Force was a decision I regretted, but I have learned from this experience, and I would gladly recast Kyuzo as a seventh ranger in Inurangers Lightspeed Rescue and reassign the Cole Evans role to none other than Ippo Makunouchi from Hajime no Ippo. Speaking of Hajime no Ippo and recasting, there will also be some recasts done, including having Ichiro Miyata be the Inurangers Turbo version of TJ Johnson among other decisions that shall gladly be rectified. Nevertheless, this is still going to be a whole lot of fun because at least they are in their right roles, with select entries still maintaining their right casting.   Ever since re-evaluating and re-organising the Toonami-era Inurangers teams, I have also become a lot stricter in terms of one cast of seven members per incarnation. As I stated before, I am not going by the real-life Super Sentai/Power Rangers franchise of having mostly five to eventually six members per incarnation but a total of seven members, for the colours of red, green, white, black, blue, yellow, and pink shall remain intact as the primary Inuranger colours, although incarnations such as In Space, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, and Wild Force would mix up the colour scheme. For instance, Mighty Morphin Inurangers Seasons 1 until 3 will still have the same cast of seven rangers, while Zeo and subsequent seasons would have entirely new casts of seven rangers, although there will be some members of Inurangers Turbo who are going to end up in the In Space incarnation. Therefore, the strict rule of seven members per Inurangers incarnation prevails.   I would also like to have a word about composite and decomposite characters because this is something I could have addressed a little bit more verbosely when I was doing these Inurangers lists. Because there are seven members per Inurangers incarnation in total, there will be occasions where the traits of certain characters would also be inhabited by the characters I have chosen to be the specific colour of Inuranger. This especially holds the most weight in Mighty Morphin Inurangers, but is also true for Inurangers In Space, Inurangers Lightspeed Rescue, and Inurangers Time Force to a certain extent. For instance, Sesshoumaru the White Mighty Morphin Inuranger and Shuran the Green Mighty Morphin Inuranger are decomposite characters of Tommy Oliver’s tenure as the Green Ranger from MMPR Seasons 1 to 2 and the White Ranger from MMPR Seasons 2 to 3, with the former leaning towards more on Tommy Oliver’s entire persona and the latter bearing most traits from Tommy’s clone/”twin” Tom from “Return of the Green Ranger”. Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran are going to receive the composite character treatment, and you will find out which composite character combinations suit them the most. So, do not expect any Peace Conferences or International Gymnastics deals or what have you to occur in any of these instances, especially with what specifically happened to Walter Emanuel Jones, Thuy Trang, and Austin St. John during their tenure on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Besides, the less said about what happened during their time with payment and their demand for unionisation the better because that is quite the can of worms several Power Rangers fans could never shake off.   There will also be instances where certain allies to the Power Rangers in canon would find themselves being rangers themselves as embodied by the chosen characters, such as the likes of Billy the former Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger from Zeo as the White Gold Ranger, Alex Drake the first Red Time Force Ranger joining in the team as the Crimson Time Ranger, Ms. Angela Fairweather from Lightspeed Rescue participating as the Chromium Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, and Princess Shayla from Wild Force becoming more active as the Emerald Deer Ranger all embodied by the characters I have chosen for them. They will essentially contribute far more than any viewer or hardcore Power Rangers let alone Super Sentai fan can ever bargain for. Additionally, there are also some mixes as to which character I would assign for which specific ranger, especially since I would assign Toran from Inuyasha as the first female Red Inuranger in Inurangers Zeo with Mika Seido from Geneshaft as the second female Red Inuranger for In Space following suit, Botan from YuYu Hakusho as the first…

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My Top Five Splendid Seven Romantic Combat Spars

Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, and fighting video game fans. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specialising in the martial arts they do. Today, I will be focusing on my top five most favourite Splendid Seven romantic pairings in martial arts sparring forms. There will be three pairings I consider my most beloved OTPs of all time, two pairings I consider to be my most loved pairings, and all of them are heterosexual pairings.   It is said that romantic love means two people must delegate the work in a fair manner in order to overcome any and every obstacle that comes along their way. Therefore, it not only takes two to do the tango of destruction but also working together in order to ensure each others’ safety and well-being. Since this is The Splendid Seven we are talking about, I am certain that my five most favourite pairings would never hesitate to let off some steam and let their opponents bleed profusely. With that said, osu! Hajime!   Inuyasha x Ayame (OTP): Sinuously Sensual; Ferociously Formidable As a beautifully intimate couple, there is nothing that Inuyasha and Ayame could ever hide from each other whether in the bedroom or in the battlefield. They have cultivated a harmonious relationship based on trust, synergy, unconditional love, and compassion, thus making them build a truly united family based on those aforementioned principles. Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s abundantly unconditional love is also well-transferred to how they have perfected every punch, kick, strike, takedown, and submission hold to do as much damage to all of their foes as possible. Nobody can ever beat them down even if they tried. Kapu Kuialua vs Hapkido Pankration vs Koppojutsu Bokator vs Boxing American Kenpo Karate vs Taido Zendokai Karate vs Kickboxing Shidokan Karate vs Nippon Kenpo Seidokaikan Karate vs Shorinji Kenpo   Hakkaku x Shunran (OTP): Gorgeously Good-Humoured; Ruthlessly Rapid The sky is the limit whenever Hakkaku and Shunran enter the scene with their positive outlook on love, life, and their overall livelihood as martial artists and as individuals. They truly trust each other with their lives, their souls, their hearts, and their overall beings and will never leave each other in the dust, thus creating an unconditionally loving bond based on good vibes, love, and allegiance. Every positive trait Hakkaku and Shunran have together is also used whenever they go into battle against various opponents, especially attributed to Hakkaku’s crushing clinches and Shunran’s stirring strikes coming into full, lively motion. Muay Boran vs Shaolin Kung Fu Pradal Serey vs Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Kajukenbo vs Savate Panantukan vs Capoeira Dambe vs Wing Chun Moraingy vs Aikido Taekkyeon vs Ninjutsu   Ginta x Shunran (OTP): Elegantly Ebullient; Vociferously Vivacious Harmony, beauty, love, joy, prosperity, abundance, and kindness are the hallmarks of what make Ginta and Shunran thrive sweetly and lovingly together. They do their very best to better each other through patience and endurance and would never think about betraying each other let alone manipulate each other for selfish means. While Ginta and Shunran are sweetly cuddly towards each other, they would never wish to hold back on their attacks against every foe they come across. Should their foe tamper with their harmony, they would be at the mercy of Ginta’s and Shunran’s rich repertoire of deadly punches, kicks, and strikes. Lethwei vs Shaolin Kung Fu Sanda vs Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Pencak Silat vs Savate Jeet Kune Do vs Capoeira Eagle Claw Kung Fu vs Wing Chun Hwa Rang Do vs Aikido Tang Soo Do vs Ninjutsu   Sesshoumaru x Ayame (Loved Pairing): Beautifully Bodacious; Dedicatedly Determined When Sesshoumaru and Ayame band together, their enemies better be prepared to recite a series of prayers before being at the receiving end of their various attacks. This is because both Sesshoumaru and Ayame live their lives with discipline, allegiance, respect, cooperation, confidence, relentlessness, and ambition. They truly care about ensuring that they do not sell themselves short on what they could truly accomplish both individually and together as well as genuinely appreciating each other for their valour and their courage. Furthermore, Sesshoumaru and Ayame make a powerful fighting duo full of lethal strikes and takedowns. Brazilian Jujitsu vs Hapkido Judo vs Koppojutsu Mixed Martial Arts vs Boxing Taekwondo vs Taido Kudo Karate vs Kickboxing Enshin Karate vs Nippon Kenpo Ashihara Karate vs Shorinji Kenpo   Shuran x Shunran (Loved Pairing): Joyously Jovial; Lovably Luscious The combination of a hulking giant such as Shuran and a lithe mage such as Shunran is nothing completely novel, but how they manage to effectively collaborate with each other to defeat various opponents is nothing short of phenomenal. Shuran’s fierce protectiveness and Shunran’s ebullient jolliness is only second to their wonderful range of combo attacks. Should Shuran throw a piledriver on their foes, Shunran would gladly add salt to their injury by utilising her elbow strikes, punches, knee strikes, and, most of all, kicks. Aside from their fierce moves, Shuran and Shunran care for each other with allegiance, loyalty, and respect. Vale Tudo vs Shaolin Kung Fu Combat Sambo vs Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Professional Wrestling vs Savate Ssireum vs Capoeira Mongolian Wrestling vs Wing Chun Sumo Wrestling vs Aikido Pehlwani vs Ninjutsu   I hope you all enjoyed this, and I would love to know which of these Splendid Seven romantic pairings in sparring form is your favourite. Until then, see you in the next submission, everybody.

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