Black Sitcom Survey

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I have been expanding my reviewing boundaries for a while, especially with my tributes to the four Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Christmas specials which I did nearly six months ago. Since I have been having a nostalgic Black sitcom rewatch, which one of these would you want me to make a review of in the future?

A. The Cosby Show
B. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
C. Family Matters
D. My Wife and Kids
E. That’s So Raven


  • I'm an American actor, voice actor, singer and reviewer with a strong Filipino and Spanish heritage living in Berlin, Germany. I love and I am passionate about opera, anime, cartoons, movies, theater and basically the arts and culture and general.

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  1. I think Family Matters would be very interesting. Such iconic characters and plenty of hilarious slapstick comedy. ?

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