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Tabletop Reviews – Donald Duck Board Game

I love Donald Duck, i have almost every comic book of the Jumbobook series ever released in Denmark and a hole bunch others, my all time favorite fictional character, so when i saw this game, it was an insta buy, but there is some criticisme toward it. and also, quess who forgot to check the measurements of a youtube thumbnail, like a fucking idiot.

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Tabletop Reviews – Tapeworm

In the stress of work and getting the video up with a thumbnail and finally getting some prober rest, i gĀ“forgot to get this one up on the site, but hey, thumbnail and i am working on multiple videos right now, to leave me room to breathe.

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Long Shot the Dice Game Review

Long Shot the Dice Game finally arrived at my door and after many plays i have my review ready. I was really exited to receive this one with all of the good things i heard about it and it did not disapoint, it gives you the feeling of being at a horse rally and still playing a decent boardgame, most of the machanics makes thematic sense and the atwork is silly and fun, check the video for my full review. On top of that i am really happy with the editing in this video, still a few mistakes here and there, but all in all it is much better then my first one and it can only get better from here.

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