Happy 2nd Birthday to Team Night Saturn!

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Can you believe it? Team Night Saturn is now two years old. The site had a very humble beginning with me and a maybe two or thee people being a part of the site. As time went by however there were more reviewers joining the site and let me just say this: I’m more than happy about the fact that all those great people love to post their reviews on this site and I couldn’t be happier about it. While it’s sad that several reviewers left Team Night Saturn before this site got two years old, I think it’s even better that despite all this we still love to work together as a team. I may not showing my emotions alot because I’m a very shy person, but almost every member of Team Night Saturn is like a friend to me and we all stick together like a big great family. I also want to thank all the fans who supported the site because without you neither of us would be where we are today. I’m always looking for reviewers that may have a small audience but in the same time also got alot of great talents because I always love to see the true love and imagination they put into their work.

What saddens me is that I’ve promised myself to publish the 2nd Year Anniversary movie “Guitar Leads” today. Sadly however, the idea of doing a musical short sounds alot easier on paper but if it comes down to the execution, it takes alot more time to finish your visions. I guarentee you all that I’m still working on it and I will try my very best to upload the short this year if I can. So don’t worry about it: I’m not abandoning “Guitar Leads”, it’s just still in work.

With that said: I’m more than happy about the fact that Team Night Saturn is two years old now. Thanks to all the fans and members of this site and I’m really looking forward to each new year.

Have a fantastic day! 😀

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  1. Glad we made it. Let’s try to make it to year 3.

  2. Hope the short turns out good and works out.

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