March 2024

Clearing the Air and Moving Forward

I decided to unblock a person on DeviantArt just to see if they still chose to behave irrationally after a certain number of years. Ironically, I was not any better for calling out and being acidic with that said person, who I do not want to name out of respect. I was not any better for bearing a grudge or being vindictive against that said person. I’m sure those of you who have been following me know who it is, but please just message me via Chat or Notes. I don’t want to re-fan the flames any further. Acerbic words were exchanged. Nevertheless, when that person said they were truly and genuinely sorry, I decided to forgive them. By that point, all the harsh criticisms we had about each other ended up being taken down, and they’re never going to come back again. As I said, I am not going to bring them up after this because we have already moved past the bullshit drama. Moreover, they have even extended a hand of friendship, which I lovingly accepted. Therefore, there is no animosity, no tension, and no trash between me and this person. It has all been resolved. What remains now is a newly formed friendship between us, which we are both glad to have gained. Another thing I would like to bring up is how people have been receptive to how I have been expressing myself here and outside the internet. I know not a lot of people like what I have to say whether on DeviantArt or YouTube or various social media or in real life. However, I stand my ground because everything I say comes from an honest place, i.e., from me, the research that I have done, and not from anybody else dictating me. You will not find smoke and mirrors or any of that rubbish. I don’t play that game, and I have long outgrown wanting everybody’s approval. What you see is what you get. Whether it is a character from a show or a movie, a pairing preference, a series or a movie, I do my best to formulate why I like or dislike it or them and back all of my arguments up with reasons. I also accept full responsibility for what I have said and done. I also respect other people’s opinions and understand where they are coming from so long as they are civil. However, I am not going to show any leniency to remorseless trolls or blatant liars. So long as there is civility and decorum online and in real life, being a liar, a troll, and/or a bully is never welcome. Finally, I want to apologize for the moments I have been acidic. While I am not afraid to speak the truth and will never back down from it, I know that my words and actions have consequences, and there have been people who have been hurt. Once again, I am sorry, and I hope we can maintain peace. I will do my best to maintain civility and not let any grudge get me down. I am already at peace with the person I have managed to take a good step towards a healthy friendship with. Life is too short for pathetic grudges. It is time to move on and thrive together.

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Ippo’s and Cole’s Insurmountable Compassion

This “What if Person became Friends” meme originally belongs to MagicalKeyPizzaDan and is dedicated to everybody who finds the idea of Ippo and Cole being great friends, the firmest of soul brothers, and the most compassionate of comrades grand. Sit back, relax, and revel in Cole’s and Ippo’s marvelously interpersonal warmth and genuinely unconditional love as brothers from other mothers who will always have each other’s backs and whose hearts of gold will forever shine as brilliantly as ever. Cole is a Red Ranger whose heart, mind, and soul are in the right place, especially when it comes to protecting all living beings from disastrous calamities. He wears peace, compassion, respect, understanding, and servitude to other people and nature like a well-fashioned suit of tribal armor. When he takes the time to consider the next best actions as well as get to the heart of individuals’ intentions, he finds the clearest distinction between a good Samaritan who has selflessly noble intentions and a malevolent bastard who has insidiously vicious intentions. Ippo may be an Olympic-level boxer with abundant dreams and aspirations, but even he needs to learn some sobering lessons from Cole. There is no doubt that Ippo respects, admires, and adulates Cole and his sense of intuition as well as compassion for those he cares for from his friends to his family. Furthermore, Ippo would learn a ton from Cole from the importance of family and friends to respect for nature, which he would soak up exceedingly well. This comes to a head when both Cole and Ippo end up accepting each other as soul brothers for life. Cole and Ippo have a genuine brotherhood that transcends respect, camaraderie, and positive vibes, for they can encourage each other to remain noble, pure, and steadfast not only toward each other but also toward the people they care about the most. Their brotherhood would also be well-implemented in the various activities they do. Ippo’s skills as an Olympic-level boxer would challenge Cole to sharpen his combat skills and diversify his repertoire of striking attacks. Cole would impart his tribal skills to Ippo to make him a resourceful hunter, gatherer, and tracker for food as well as a true protector for his family and friends. Both of them would be just as enthusiastic as each other, considering that they are the recent additions to their respective “Forever Red” universes. Outside their Red Ranger tenure, Cole and Ippo would even express happiness, gratitude, and joy as genuine brothers forever. Cole and Ippo would even express how much they want to have a brother in their lives. This motivates Cole to affirm to Ippo that he will be the best big brother he will ever be, thus culminating in a warm embrace. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody. Ippo Makunouchi from Hajime no Ippo belongs to George Morikawa and Madhouse. Cole Evans from Power Rangers Wild Force belongs to Saban and Toei.

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Baki’s and Eric’s Triumphant Valor

This “What if Person became Friends” meme originally belongs to MagicalKeyPizzaDan and is dedicated to everybody who finds the idea of Baki and Eric being great friends, the firmest of brothers-in-arms, and the sturdiest of warriors grand. Sit back, relax, and revel in Eric’s and Baki’s handsomely dynamic and exquisitely virile brotherhood that witnesses how formidable they are as warriors, comrades, and blood brothers, considering how Eric’s peerless stealth compliments Baki’s gigantic musculature. Eric is an unconventional Red Ranger renowned for his ability to lead a police force, the Silver Guardians, as the commander and plays by his own rules as the Time Force Rangers’ red-clad Quantum Ranger while also being an ally to them. His unparalleled skills in martial arts, military warfare, and police organization are highly aspirational to the point where fresh-faced trainees look to Eric as their role model. This is especially true when they want to have a vocation working with the Silver Guardians under Eric’s supervision. Baki may be a mixed martial artist who has been growing in muscle mass, super strength, and virile musculature and is renowned for these physical traits. Nevertheless, he remains awestruck when Eric presents himself as a formidable cop who takes no rubbish from anybody. To Eric, Baki initially appears to be a massively muscled yet simple-minded lummox who can only understand blows to the head and chokeholds to the throat. However, Baki proves Eric wrong when he uses his super strength, magnificent muscles, and unbeatable combat skills to stomp out criminals from violating innocent civilians. Eric and Baki have a partnership that entails combining professionalism in the field of law enforcement with unrelenting trust on a personal level. It may be astounding to have Baki hold dirty criminals using his array of chokeholds and Full Nelsons while having Eric beat the ever-loving daylights out of them before hauling their pathetic behinds to jail. Nonetheless, the excitement of seeing crime stopped in a hardcore fashion is only half of what defines Eric’s and Baki’s formidably strong bond as a duo of virile warriors. Overlooking Eric’s tough outer shell as a cop and Baki’s massively muscled frame as an all-out fighter in the ring, they both possess more sympathetic sides when it comes to protecting innocent people. Eric may not admit it, but Baki’s simple charm can get him out of his shell to show a more brotherly side. Eric can even prove to Baki that there is more to combat prowess than massive muscle power. Therefore, Eric and Baki appreciate each other for their interpersonal strength and their unwavering will to safeguard anybody in danger and will always stay loyal to each other. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody. Baki Hanma from Baki the Grappler belongs to Keisuke Itagaki and Group TAC. Eric Myers from Power Rangers Time Force belongs to Saban and Toei.

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My Gratitude to my 2,100 YouTube Subscribers

Good morning, everybody. I just woke up to some lovely news, as I have now hit the 2,100 YouTube subscriber mark. I am grateful that you have been continuing to keep up with me and my content as well as your abundant encouragement. This spring season has brought a good number of blessings and opportunities. From producing my “Things That Piss Antoni Off” trailers for my channel and the main videos for Eric Allen Vierthaler‘s channel to the continuous traction my Saban-Era Blue Ranger morph attempt videos have been acquiring, I am totally ecstatic that the opportunities and clicks keep on coming. Therefore, I have become more encouraged to produce more YouTube content for all of you wonderful viewers. I want to thank all of you wonderful fellow Power Rangers fans, partisans of good entertainment, actors, singers, voice actors, online reviewers, filmmakers, artists, and writers for your continuous inspiration. Most importantly, I want to thank my family, friends, university colleagues, and mentors for your continuous guidance and support in all of my endeavors. You all give me many reasons why I want to keep on producing online content. Thank you so much to all of my wonderful 2,100 YouTube Subscribers, and I hope you all continue to show your support by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Take care and have a great spring season, everybody.

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Takeshi’s and Alex’s Relentless Fierceness

This “What if Person became Friends” meme originally belongs to MagicalKeyPizzaDan and is dedicated to everybody who finds the idea of Takeshi and Alex being great friends, super staunch comrades, and amazingly formidable brothers-in-arms grand. Sit back, relax, and revel in Alex’s and Takeshi’s magnificently potent and indubitably amazing fraternal bond as comrades-in-arms who will always challenge each other to grow as combatants and as men. Alex brims with determination, toughness, and resilience as the original Red Time Force Ranger. While he may not have participated in “Forever Red”, Alex’s firm, by-the-book approach to leadership serves as a canvas for Wes to rise as his own Red Time Force Ranger. Alex was also responsible for aiding his comrades out in battle behind the shadows from releasing Time Shadow to providing Wes with the Strata Cycle. Despite his brand of leadership being too harsh during his return, even he learns from Wes that destiny can be changed. Enter Takeshi who has taken on the mantle of being the Red Time Shadow Inuranger as a stark contrast to Alex being the original Red Time Force Ranger and also avenges Rocky DeSantos’s non-participation in “Forever Red.” Takeshi’s hot-blooded strength and unwavering fortitude as a boxer, a combatant, and even the original leader of the Time Force Inurangers have made a strong impression on Alex. Even Takeshi’s willingness to stick by his team have been nothing short of impressive in Alex’s eyes. Therefore, Alex and Takeshi form a brotherly bond that guarantees growth. Alex and Takeshi salute each other as comrades and brothers-in-arms who revel in challenging each other to grow as fighters and as soldiers for justice. Sometimes Alex’s rigid, old-world, and ├╝ber conventional sense of authority tends to irritate Takeshi to the point where he feels tired of being lectured by him. On the flip side, Takeshi’s impulsiveness, brashness, rash attitude, and tough stubbornness drive Alex up a wall to the point where he wants to use physical force to restrain him, i.e., his chokeholds and counterattacks whenever Takeshi attempts to swing his fists at him. However, they never give up on each other even when times get extremely contentious and would always encourage each other to reach their best potential. Alex always encourages Takeshi to not let his impulses get the better of him. Takeshi, in turn, always makes Alex see that there is more to life than just following everything by the book. Alex and Takeshi are not alone in seeing each other’s best sides as brothers from other mothers, as Rocky would also do his part in stating how proud he is of Takeshi for growing as a secondary Red Ranger. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody. Takeshi Sendo from Hajime no Ippo belongs to George Morikawa and Madhouse. Alex Drake from Power Rangers Time Force belongs to Saban and Toei.

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Kiibo’s and Wes’s Unbeatable Brotherhood

This “What if Person became Friends” meme originally belongs to MagicalKeyPizzaDan and is dedicated to everybody who finds the idea of Kiibo and Wes being great friends, unconditionally loving brothers from other mothers or fathers in this case, and extremely brotherly companions grand. Sit back, relax, and revel in Wes’s and Kiibo’s beautifully powerful and excellently mighty brotherhood who can prove that they are best brothers until the end, despite the both of them having two completely different fathers. Wes is a phenomenal combination of heroism, altruism, charisma, and courage that make him a truly amazing Red Ranger. He sees the best in his comrades and friends, thus treating them like family with all of his heart, mind, and soul. Wes’s strong moral code and his equally strong connections with his fellow Time Force Rangers are what challenge him to be the bravest and staunchest hero he can be, especially to the lives he and his fellow Time Force Power Rangers rescue on a nearly ritualistic basis. Kiibo also shares Wes’s courage, altruism, heroism, and love for life as the Red Time Force Inuranger, thus showing that he can be as strong and fearless as he is, thus carrying his comrades out of compromising situations. Wes sees an enthusiastic and mighty mixed martial artist full of determination in Kiibo and wants to keep encouraging him to be the best combatant he can be inside the octagonal cage, arena, or ring and outside. As both Wes and Kiibo see each other’s strengths and benevolent traits, they form a brotherly bond based on fraternal love and a great encouragement to challenge each other’s personal bests. Wes and Kiibo truly cherish each other not just as best friends but, most of all, as brothers from other mothers and fathers. Wes has always expressed his desire to have a younger brother just as much as Kiibo expresses his desire to have an older brother. Sure, Wes is a sportsman mostly renowned in baseball, football, basketball, and track-and-field, while Kiibo is a mixed martial artist specializing in the Nanshin Shadow style. However, what brings Wes and Kiibo together is their desire to grow into the best versions of themselves, thus holding nothing back. They would even have intense training sessions with Power-Chan Number One, despite the excruciating pain they both feel. Even their respective fathers, Mr. Albert Collins and Seiko “Oton” Miyazawa, can see just how strong Wes’s and Kiibo’s brotherly bond is. Furthermore, given Oton’s massively muscular size, he even ends up as Mr. Collins’s bodyguard, much to Wes’s and Kiibo’s delight. Wes even promises Kiibo that he will always be the best older brother figure he can be just as Kiibo will be his best brother for life. Their brotherhood is truly unbreakable. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody. Kiichi “Kiibo” Miyazawa from Shootfighter Tekken or High School Exciting Story: Tough belongs to Tetsuya Saruwatari and Anime International Company. Wesley “Wes” Collins from Power Rangers Time Force belongs to Saban and Toei.

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