BAD MOVIE REVIEW : Savage Weekend (1979)

This is 1979’s Savage Weekend, a very inexpensive little slasher movie. And it’s a predecessor to 1978’s Halloween, having been shot two years before Halloween’s release. This therefor makes it one of the very very first slasher movies to come out.

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Sesshoumaru and His Favourite Power Rangers Activity Survey

Which Power Ranger would Sesshoumaru do circuit training, spar in Kyokushin Karate, hang out, and drink tea with? A. Tommy Oliver (Mighty Morphin to Zeo) B. Jason Lee Scott (Mighty Morphin to Zeo) C. Eric Myers (Power Rangers Time Force) D. Alex Drake (Power Rangers Time Force) E. Trey of Wisdom (Power Rangers Zeo) F. Trey of Courage (Power Rangers Zeo) G. Trey of Heart (Power Rangers Zeo)

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Failed Friendship for Life

This screenshot demotivational poster is highly, utterly, indubitably, and absolutely Anti-Miroku. Sit back, relax, and open your minds to understand where I am coming from with my claim of Miroku being a terrible male companion to Inuyasha and the alternatives I have in store instead of this pathetic excuse of a monk. From the first time I watched Inuyasha as an 11-year-old boy to watching it in earnest during my middle school years as a 13 to 14-year-old boy to my high school years ranging from 15 to 18 years old, I tried everything I could to find something salvageable about Miroku let alone his “brotherhood/friendship” with Inuyasha. However, every time I tried over and over again, I kept failing to find something redeemable about this pathetic excuse of a brotherhood between Inuyasha the totally awesome super strong dog Hanyo warrior king, dog Yokai king in my AU headcanon, who I will always adore and Miroku the absolute lame-o hypocrite who gets on my nerves with his lies and deceitful ways towards women. Watching Inuyasha in his perspective, I can totally understand why he is so irritated with Miroku. The way Miroku treats Inuyasha like a second to third-class citizen because of how much stronger he is compared to him, despite the many occasions Inuyasha had to save Miroku’s loser behind, his tendency to have a go at attacking Inuyasha when Miroku himself is not really that strong, his flippant favouritism of Kagome, thus making him, Sango, and Shippou her humanoid androids without a brain, and all of the lies, manipulation, deceit, and disingenuousness this horrible excuse of a Buddhist monk have are all attributes of why I believe Miroku was completely atrocious for Inuyasha as a friend let alone as a surrogate brother. It was clear from the beginning that Miroku never cared when Inuyasha was hurt by Kagome’s sit commands and believed that he deserved it for being rambunctious and rowdy. This hypocrite is no saint either with his womanising ways, tremendous tendency to be no-good cheat, and being full of fibs and lies that I am surprised that they did not manifest themselves into a more frightening monster. Even when that little lie grows into something bigger and stronger than Miroku is, it is not likely that his Wind Tunnel will solve the problem for him. In fact, it will make his problems even bigger. This is especially true with how he treated Inuyasha. After all the times Inuyasha has saved Miroku’s sorry ass from peril, after risking his life to save his male companion, and after everything he put himself through to ensure his safety, Miroku still treated him in an inferior and condescending manner. There was zero brotherly love, and there was only cold-blooded manipulation on Miroku’s part just because he as well as his fellow skanks Sango, Kagome, and Shippou could wheedle him and take full of advantage of Inuyasha’s undying loyalty to suit their selfish needs. He even says he cares for Inuyasha’s safety, but he injures him far more whether it is stomping on him or hitting him on the head with objects or his staff, thus making him even more of a bully than Kagome is. However, Kagome is still the worst bully ever. Miroku is just one of her pathetic little minions doing her dirty work. With Miroku’s lies, deceit, manipulation, and scumbag nature coming to light, who would be better male companions to Inuyasha? Sesshoumaru would be more reflective of his actions and words, thus making him reconnect with Inuyasha as his brother, and would cast away his haughtiness like the true noble he ought to be in order to build bridges with Inuyasha. Shuran would be the big, lovable, gentle giant who would have both a loving brotherhood towards him as well as a competitive one, thus seeing each other grow stronger both mentally and physically. Hakkaku and Ginta have always seen Inuyasha as a truly strong warrior and one who has always been a lot stronger than Kouga ever was, thus making them ditch Kouga and swear brotherhood and allegiance to Inuyasha. There is no doubt that Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, and most especially Sesshoumaru would be the better and bigger men to provide Inuyasha the genuine brotherhood he needs, but there are eleven red-clad warriors, soldiers, combatants, and martial artists who would indubitably stand by Inuyasha’s side and would never be a bunch of phony manipulators. Once you hear the roll calls it’s morphin’ time, shift into turbo, let’s rocket, go galactic, Lightspeed Rescue, time for Time Force, Quantum Power, and wild access, viewers and readers know fully well of Power Rangers Wild Force’s glorious tenth anniversary episode “Forever Red”. Jason Lee Scott from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Aurico from Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers Zeo, Theodore Jay “TJ” Jarvis Johnson from Power Rangers Turbo, Andros from Power Rangers in Space, Leo Corbett from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Carter Grayson from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Wes Collins from Power Rangers Time Force, Eric Myers also from Power Rangers Time Force, Cole Evans from Power Rangers Wild Force, and even Alex Drake the original Time Force Red Power Ranger would come to Inuyasha’s aid and protection to be the staunch, unconditionally loving, genuine, and nurturing brothers they are. Jason, Aurico, Tommy, TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Alex, Eric, and Cole would even confront Miroku and address how much his lies, manipulation, cowardice, and hypocrisy sicken them to no end. Aurico would address that Miroku has done more harm than good to Inuyasha. TJ would call out Miroku on not being an honourable warrior let alone a genuine friend to Inuyasha. Andros and Leo would call Miroku a pathetic opportunist who gets away with his lies. Carter would give Miroku a firm dressing down on the many occasions he has hurt Inuyasha both physically and mentally and would rather see him in chains and in a jail cell for all his crimes. Wes and Cole…

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The Splendid Seven’s Three Deadliest Martial Arts

Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, and fighting video game fans. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specialising in the martial arts they do. Today, I will be focusing on what I believe are the three deadliest, most lethal, and most explosive martial arts Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specialise in the most. Get yourselves armed with strength and determination, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a full-contact throwdown extravaganza for the ages.   Ever since indulging myself in Fight Science, Fight Quest, Human Weapon, Kill Arman, Karate Combat, the 1995 World Combat Championship, the Rickson Gracie documentary entitled Choke, a bevy of martial arts documentaries, YouTubers specialising in martial arts, and let’s plays of various fighting games including Street Fighter, Tekken, and Karate Master Knockdown Blow, I have become a lot more intrigued with the martial arts world, especially where my fascination for full-contact martial arts increases every single day. This is especially helpful for not only The Splendid Seven but also many other anime characters I would love to incorporate specific martial arts towards as a means to make them be the powerful warriors that they are based on their personalities and their skills. Furthermore, I have been scouring every website and video out there to see what is said to be some of the deadliest martial arts suitable for seven powerful Yokai warriors.   In terms of how I defined three of The Splendid Seven’s deadliest martial arts, I will be judging them on fully close-range contact, devastating impact, and the range in striking, grappling, and takedowns necessary for the martial art to be considered complete. There is no doubt that I will be looking for the tremendous amount of pain and destructive force that Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran are more than willing to deliver. Knowing these seven powerful Yokai warriors, they would definitely do so with pure abandon. With that said, let the fists fly, the joints jostle, and the muscles mash, for Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran are prepared to bring their enemies into a world of unmitigated devastation. And trust me when I say that every attack and counterattack these seven Yokai martial artists commit to is more devastating than the last one they pulled off. Osu! Hajime!   Sesshoumaru: Shootfighting, Mixed Martial Arts, and Marine Corps Martial Arts Coming from a lengthy background in Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, and Taekwondo, Sesshoumaru bears a great deal of punches, kicks, takedowns, submission holds, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and grapples at his belt to overcome every single foe thanks to his strength, speed, and stamina. Whether he uses jabs, roundhouse kicks, arm bars or foot sweeps, each attack is guaranteed to cause excruciating damage to his opponents. From Shootfighting’s ruthlessly relentless takedowns to Mixed Martial Arts’ viciously bloody attacks to Marine Corps Martial Arts’ lethally rapid reaction time, Sesshoumaru is guaranteed to emerge as the mighty victor.   Shuran: Combat Sambo, Vale Tudo, and Professional Wrestling Grappling and submission in the forms of Full Nelsons, Boston Crabs, sleeper holds, back-breakers, bearhugs, throws, and, of course, bone-damaging piledrivers are the devastating moves which make Shuran one of the most formidable wrestlers Japan and the world have ever encountered. Thanks to Shuran’s heavyweight size and strength, he is easily at an advantage against those who dare to underestimate him thanks to how he effectively combines grappling and submission with visceral ground and pound attacks. It is no wonder why he is so heavily promoted in the world of Combat Sambo, Vale Tudo, and Pro Wrestling.   Inuyasha: Kapu Kuialua, Pankration, and Bokator With bundles of experience in Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing, Wrestling, and Kickboxing, Inuyasha definitely knows how to propel his huge repertory of punches, kicks, takedowns, grapples, submission holds, elbow strikes, and knee strikes with leverage, power, and explosive ferocity. His favourite attacks are Superman punches, uppercuts, hooks, spinning axe kicks, roundhouse kicks, piledrivers, and chokeholds which are guaranteed to cause irreparably visceral internal damage to all of his opponents. Hence, his mastery in Kapu Kuialua, Pankration, and Bokator makes him a fierce, fearsome, and ferocious combatant.   Hakkaku: Muay Boran, Pradal Serey, and Kajukenbo Opponents better be prepared to guard their limbs, head, and every part of their body that may be at risk, for Hakkaku can unleash a flurry of visceral punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, shin kicks, headbutts, and clinches. Nothing can hold Hakkaku back from inflicting as much devastation to his opponents thanks to his rapid speed, accurate timing, and abundant power in every strike and clinch he commits to. Regardless if Hakkaku does a front kick, an axe kick, a spinning back fist, a Superman punch, a shin kick, a knee strike or an elbow strike, he indubitably shows his exceptional prowess in Muay Boran, Pradal Serey, and Kajukenbo.   Ginta: Lethwei, Pencak Silat, and Sanda There is a slim chance that foes will ever triumph whenever Ginta is around to deliver an exceptionally grand program of punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, shin kicks, headbutts, and clinches that can form dents on durably hard objects as well as the overall skeletal structure. Neither huge opponents nor more skilled foes would be able to escape from Ginta’s deadly Superman punches, headbutts, knee strikes, elbow strikes, cross punches, knee kicks, and front kicks plus his skills in disarming all of his foes. Therefore, his expertise in Lethwei, Pencak Silat, and Sanda has shaped him up to be a dynamic fighter.   Ayame: Hapkido, Koppojutsu, and Krav Maga Aggression, confidence, determination, dedication, fierceness, fearlessness, and valour are the building blocks of what define Ayame as a martial artist, a warrior, and an overall person. She fights not to show off but to protect and serve those she considers nearest and dearest to her. Every powerfully accurate move she makes is evidenced through her uppercuts, jabs, cross punches, reverse punches, spinning…

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