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Comic Book Review: Legion of X #5 or ‘Arc 1? AYKM!’

In this review of Legion of X #5, the conclusion of whatever Spurrier thinks he’s doing with this 3rd rate American Gods rip and it feels like your foot when you have been wearing shoes that are too tight but then you remember you gotta put these shoes back on tomorrow.http://

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AKPC Roundtable: This week in X-Men or ‘Judgment Day’

In this weekly roundtable to discuss this week in X-Men, Master Jarl and I discuss the latest books (X-Men Red #6, Judgment Day #4, X-Men ’92 #6 and a guest review of the late Hellfire Gala 2 tie in Amazing Spider-Man #9) and the ranking of best to worst. X-Men Red continues to be in the gold standard, X-Men ’92 ended on a high note and the cartoon next year…. Lets just say my expectations are high.http://

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