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Realm of X #1 or ‘What am I doing here?’

In ANOTHER Fall of X limited series, this is happening and I don’t know what is going on. I love Dani Moonstar, Dust and Marrow…Typhoid Mary is ok but I can’t stand Curse. The art is really nice and feels like it would be good on another book…. There’s morehttp://

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Choppin It Up w/ Alex on X-Men

I’m vibing with Alex (she/they) @Shemaybeawitch as we go through some X-Questions Intro: 00:10 When did you get into X-Men 04:37 X-Men Pitch: 10:44 What era would you had joined up? 13:54 Five X-Men you would jump? 13:54 Who is in your friend group? 35:41 Fave Villain? 42:36 Who would you roast? 50:03http://

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Marvel Voices: X-Men or ‘Why was Sunspot and Bishop on the cover?’

In this cash grab, I mean, pandering fluff… No that’s not it either….. This series of stories we get made a women’s story that says nothing,. a nagging wife, a couple of old men hating stereotypes, a girl who was abandoned by her family and didn’t see it cuz she longs for a real family after the X-Men left her to do their own things and a sensitive hedoisthttp://

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