LOKO’s Top 15 Best Charting Songs of 2019

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  1. Alright as promised here are my thoughts on the singles that you’ve put on your video:

    15. The song is fine. I’m not a fan of the modern remix aspects and I do prefer the original. I know it’s it’s most likely redone in a way to make it more accessible to younger listeners but it didn’t quite work for me. It can work as “A little less Conversation” Elvis vs Junkie XL and the Tony Moran remix of Michael Jackson’s “History” can attest it but to me: They’re more the exception than the rule. Oh well: It’s still better than most of the modernized remixes on MJ’s Escape album.

    14. Haven’t heard of it before and I just forgot about it the second you got to number 13.

    13. Ariana Grande has a great voice but her music doesn’t really do much for me. As for me the song: Never heard of it so I don’t have any real thoughts.

    12. Haven’t heard of it.

    11. Haven’t heard of that either.

    10. Never heard of it… again.

    9. Not really a fan of Halsey but it does sound like her best song, which to me just means that it’s one of her better songs.

    8. It’s a song worth dancing to. Not a fan of Dua Lipa but this one is genuinely good.

    7. I don’t really care for it.

    6. It’s okay I guess. My workplace always plays chart song from the radio and this one just comes from and goes with me always forgetting about it once it’s over.

    5. It’s a decent song. One of the best that Miley Cyrus has put out and it’s interesting to see how far she has come. Nothing great but still pretty solid.

    4. Not my cup of tea. I know I’m being bias on that due to not being a fan of hip hop but even then I don’t like the auto tune used on this song.

    3. and 2. Haven’t heard either of them… sensing a pattern here?

    1. It’s yet again a bit overplayed at my workplace but it definitely way more passable than most of the other overplayed singles. It’s an alright song.

    My apologies if my thoughts came off as nondescriptive but I usually don’t listen to most chart song.

    There can be good songs from time to time which I am not trying to deny but it doesn’t happen often enough for me to devote my time into listening to current hits. Especially since most of of today’s music tends to become very repetitive with time very fast. Not saying it was never a problem in the past but it became more apparent as the years went by… well to me at least.

    Good Videos James. I don’t care for most music reviews especially when it’s about current songs on the charts but your videos are amongst the best or even the best since you’re the only music reviewer that I’m currently interested in watching.

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