May 2017

Congratulating a Fellow YouTuber and a Really Good Friend

Let’s all give a huge round of applause and congratulations to my very wonderful friend, James McLoughlin a.k.a. Long Lee a.k.a. Jambareeqi, for reaching 5,000 subscribers on YouTube. The gratitude I have for this gentleman is boundless as he has been a major inspiration for bettering myself as a YouTuber. I know I sounded like a broken record there, but I’m really happy for James to have reached this mark. So, James, stay cool and awesome as you are and have an awesome Whitsun week. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Jambareeqi’s channel as he’s got a lot of great things to offer. Take care. 😀

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Follow and Upvote Me on Steemit

Hey, everybody! I’m kind of relieved that I got my fair share of venting and ranting out of my system a few days ago. Yes, I could’ve been more civil with my choice of words as there was a lot of pent-up frustration I had and I’m sorry I could’ve composed myself a lot better. I may not have parted from that person in the best of terms, but the point is it’s over and we can move on well with our lives.   Anyways, I know it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve mentioned this, but I’ve been on Steemit ever since August of last year and I was releasing a huge amount of my content, whether they be my reviews, blog entries or written rants. I got here by complete chance, thanks to a good online friend by the name of Johannes Schneeberg. And after some time of trying this out, I was really satisfied with what I got.   Basically, it’s a site where you release your content and you get upvotes in the form of Steem power, which is then converted to Steem when it’s powered down. Once you acquire Steem then you turn any amount of it into Bitcoin in Poloniex. Finally, you can convert the Bitcoin amount into the currency of your choice, in which in my case it’s Euros, and you get paid. How much time it takes, it depends.   So, aside from releasing my works on Channel Awesome, Patreon, Manic Expression, Team Night Saturn and of course, YouTube, I think Steemit is by far a very good platform to be on so far. Feel free to support me by upvoting the posts I have here and even following me here because it would mean a lot and I will be really grateful.   I wish you all a great Whitsun or Pentecostal Week and as we say in Germany, Schöne Pfingstferien an euch allen. 🙂

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My Rant on Crapsack Bitchtits Brand

Long-winded rant ahead! I didn’t know why this took me so long, but I blocked someone. This was not done out of some petty reason, however, this piece of crap of a person really annoyed and tortured me on a psychological level. I’m sure you already know who it is. That’s right. The same condescending harlot who called me a fail for the most arbitrary of reasons, who was so nice to everyone else but really mean to me, who pushed me away even if I tried to be good friends with her, and finally the very person who whispered to the spoiled brat about me not bringing lechon, acted like such a person in retreat and after all of that gave me a mean look even if I apologized for everything I have done. For the sake of this rant, I am not going to use her real name, which the initials are KEMB. Instead, she is therefore christened as, Crapsack Bitchtits Brand. The first time I met Crapsack, was when she was a new student at my old high school and from there, her initial impressions started to really show its ugly colors. Every time I greeted her, she would never, ever greet me back. Seriously, I have never met anyone this rude in my life! Yeah, it was also pretty dumb of me back then to ask what her nationality was, and she was like why? Even when I was picking up her TWE work which dropped on the floor, she asked me why I took it. Uh….Hasn’t she heard the term, “Thank you very much!”? I don’t think she has! Especially after school when I wanted to start a conversation with her, she just didn’t say anything at all. Crapsack loved seeing me at my most miserable, especially in one rehearsal for Level 10 Sabayang Pagbigkas, which is basically this strong choral performance done in Filipino schools. Now, I was already going through Strike 1, when I had to pay a late fee of 100 Philippine Pesos, which is about 1 Euro and 79 Cents and in the States, it would be about 2 Dollars. The next rehearsal, I was so scared of going through Strike 2 that I was calling my colleague frantically, like 10 times, saying that my driver wasn’t there yet. Until he came and I was completely under pressure because I didn’t have any cash with me either! Then when I arrived Crapsack accused me of calling my colleague an asshole when in fact I was just under severe pressure because I was almost about to pay a freaking late fee. That just shows you how little empathy this shithead witch bitch really had. The following day Crapsack even said to me, “Ewww…”, for what? That’s not all that she did. She was disapproving of what talent I had to offer for singing at the OPM contest, she joined a good number of my colleagues in mocking my weaknesses and to top it all off, when the spoiled brat pretended to snub, Crapsack laughed at my expense. And this was the night before, the violin recital where I had to sing, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, and I was only a sixteen-year-old. Thanks to those whores, my performance of Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring was and is a freaking low point of my budding career as a singer because I was still so caught up in the spoiled brat’s guilt tripping nature and Crapsack’s sadism. You two try going up there, and singing something as high art and melodious as this! Go on, I would love to see you try, because you’re just gonna sound like a couple of harpies! I thought she would be slightly nicer when I won that Charles Darwin award when I got an average of 90% and for a moment she seemed okay for now. It still didn’t excuse her for the crap she did to me. Let’s skip to Level 11 where she was not as bitchy as she was when I first met her. However, she did show her bitchery when one of my male colleagues shouted me and she cheered him on. This was not the only time she did something like this. The spoiled brat who wanted lechon for retreat also screamed obnoxiously at me for “hating our class”, and Crapsack cheered her on. Now for those who know me, I always do my best to memorize my pieces in violin ahead of time. There was one time when I played that piece note for note and all memorized and I thought I did well. That was until Crapsack said to me that I make people feel bad about themselves when I memorize a violin piece much earlier and I showed it. Seriously, is there any reason why KMB aka Crapsack is such a mega witch bitch?!!! Now we go to the senior year of my high school. This was her at her nastiest, at least in my opinion. Aside from the aforementioned pieces of crap, she did to me, she was just as condescending as ever. I was concerned why her voice sounded quite raspy and Crapsack proceeded to tell me, “It’s called a cough!”, as if though I were stupid! Oh, that’s not all! During one of our final Sabayang Pagbigkas practices, the spoiled brat asked me if I regretted not being with the batch of some of my better friends and Crapsack was like an evil echo! On top of that, while Crapsack was arranging a table, I wanted to help her, but she said no. I persisted and like the bitch, she was, she yelled at me! The final blow was about a month before graduation, where one of my male colleagues was toying around with one of my dear female colleagues’ arts trophy. I told him to stop and Crapsack proceeded to say, “Yeah, Antoni!” This bitch had no idea how much I hate being yelled at from…

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