July 2024

Gratitude to All My 2,300 YouTube Subscribers

Good evening, everybody. I know this summer has been getting a whole lot hotter. Nevertheless, I want to cool you down with some exciting news. I have just reached 2,300 YouTube subscribers, and I continue to be grateful for all your support and encouragement during my YouTube tenure. As I write this, I am currently on the 37th out of 66 pages of my Master’s Thesis main content. I am continuing to make this my main priority before it is due on August 27, and then there will be a lot of editing before August. Outside this current, I have continued to stream for you on certain occasions to keep my channel growing. Once I complete my thesis, I want to pursue some tributes, lookbacks, and slams of Halloween specials from old television shows between September and October. The work continues to grow, but I will never surrender. I will not even rest on my laurels of the two Saban-era Blue Ranger morph attempt videos I did last winter 2023. The Blue Ranger morph attempt videos for Power Rangers’ Disney era remain top of mind for winter 2024. I will see how circumstances and all that jazz pan out. Finally, I want to thank all my 2,300 subscribers for constantly supporting me and my content on YouTube. I also want to thank my parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, colleagues, and teachers for making me the passionate and unwavering man I am today. I further extend my gratitude to all of my fellow actors, voice actors, singers, musicians, filmmakers, online content creators, reviewers, writers, bloggers, scholars, and artists for constantly giving me reasons to wake up in the morning and live out my passions creating content for you all. Take care and have a great summer, everybody. https://www.youtube.com/@operaanimelover369

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