December 2023

My 2023 Art Summary

Happy New Year, everybody. Antoni here. The year of Our Lord 2023 is fast approaching its end. Therefore, it is time for me to feature the pieces of work that I have enjoyed doing since this year. Yes, I know my fanart uploading has been a bit slower and fewer this year. This is because I have been producing more online reviews on my YouTube channel, which I am happy to say that I have now reached 1,930 subscribers, dealing with my three semesters going on four semesters as a Master’s in American Studies student attaining A’s and B’s on my transcript of records thus far and enjoying every discourse I have been sinking my teeth into, and doing everything I can to keep everything together in my university, YouTube, DeviantArt, and writing life. Furthermore, it has been four years since I have last traveled abroad, as I have been spending Christmas and New Year in Sydney, Australia, where I have been spending time with my outstandingly wonderful host family and witnessing everything I needed and wanted to witness thus far. This is especially true considering all the insanity I dealt with in graduating with honors/distinction in my Bachelor’s in English and Musicology and doing everything to improve greatly in my current Master’s in American Studies tenure. Nevertheless, everything I have been dealing with in this year has been fruitful, productive, and brilliant. I never regretted anything. I have been blessed thanks to my father, my mother, my younger siblings, all my relatives, all my friends, all my colleagues, and every actor, voice actor, singer, musician, artist, online reviewer, writer, online content creator, and academic I have constantly considered as my role model. With that said, let’s get cracking with my favorite pieces of work from each month. January: Octagon Ice and Olympic Fire 2023 started off with a bang, as Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha aka the Inu Brothers took center stage. My anime martial arts AU headcanon was strong in this one, considering that Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are the bedrocks of their martial arts team, The Splendid Seven. I wanted to capture the dichotomy of Sesshoumaru’s deadly prowess in Mixed Martial Arts and Inuyasha’s rampaging brutality in Pankration because of how relatively similar yet utterly different their main martial arts are. Sesshoumaru’s element of ice means that he can abide by octagonal cage regulations, uphold the martial arts code with all his being, and give his opponents the ground-and-pounds and Kimuras they deserve, while never giving in to rowdy obnoxiousness featured in the UFC reality television show. Inuyasha’s element of fire means that he can do anything and everything he wants in the Spartan arena from torture racks to double axe handles all while making his muscular virility an offering to Zeus and all the Olympian gods. Put these two dog Yokai brothers together, and they are ruthlessly invincible. February: Olympic Champion Power Couple Now, it is time to feature the first work containing my most beloved one true pairing of all time Inuyasha x Ayame. It clearly shows that my loyalty to my OTP knows no bounds and will always inspire me to create more InuAya fanart, let alone fan-related content. Nobody can slaughter, mash, and cream the competition like Inuyasha and Ayame can. With Inuyasha’s powerfully muscular brutality in Pankration and Ayame’s furiously fierce velocity in Kyuk Too Ki or Korean Kickboxing, no opponent can ever bring them down even if they tried. As Inuyasha’s background in Ancient Greek Wrestling, Ancient Greek Boxing, Ssireum, Combat Sambo, Vale Tudo, and Kapu Kuialua makes him a mighty Pankratiast and Ayame’s skills in Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Japanese Kickboxing, Muay Lerdrit, Bokator, and Muay Chaiya have made them gain a reputation for being powerful opponents, it is easy to see why competitors would not dare mess with this power couple. Inuyasha and Ayame have the physical might and the spicy intimacy to prove that they can conquer anyone who crosses their path. March: The Seven Scintillating Sirens Coinciding with my anime martial arts AU headcanon was me celebrating International Women’s Day the only way I knew how. I featured Rosé Thomas, Rose Anderson, Winry Rockbell, Megumi Minami, Maya Orihara, Solty Revant, and Kaoru Ichinose working together as a septet of spectacular soul sisters possessing all the punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, shin strikes, grapples, and takedowns to their hearts’ desire. Given that I have been watching Karate Combat for nearly one or two years on YouTube and have been playing Tekken and Street Fighter when I was a child, I gave the Queens of Scintillating Strikes various Korean hybrid martial arts. Rosé Thomas had Yongmudo. Rose Anderson had Gongkwon Yusul. Winry Rockbell had Kuk Sool Won. Megumi Minami had Hwa Rang Do. May Orihara had Tang Soo Do. Solty Revant had Kong Soo Do. Kaoru Ichinose had Soo Bakh Do. Whether these ladies threw uppercuts, spinning back kicks, axe kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, chokeholds, or jointlocks, they combine elegant beauty with ferocious beastliness in their attacks. Outside their penchant for unleashing tornadoes of furious attacks on their opponents, they also love the finer things in life from art to music and are also fiercely protective of children. April: Bulging Biceps are what a Warrior Queen Loves Inuyasha x Ayame as a super strong and splendidly sexy power couple strike again for the second time. This was reasonable because it was InuAya Month 2023, which went rather sporadically because of the continuous growth of my YouTube content and starting the summer semester in my university among other real-life obligations. Yes, I was pleased to have done group shots of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s fourteen children consisting of seven sons and seven daughters, at least where the two sets of triplets and three sets of twins are concerned, but nothing beats Inuyasha and Ayame as the mighty power couple and equally mightier parents they are intended to be. Furthermore, Inuyasha’s mightily magnificent muscles and Ayame’s fearlessly fabulous fierceness always compliment each other…

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Ave Maria A Cappella Marathon

Here are my renditions of different versions of Ave Maria. Special thanks to Uncle Bert Decena for recording. Giulio Caccini’s and Vladimir Valivov’s version Franz Schubert’s version Johann Sebastian Bach’s and Charles Gounod’s version

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