5 Simple Drinks

5 Simple Drinks – Coffee

In my hometown there is a saying, that a coffee bailey or 2 cancels out the drinking of the night and you’re good to drive home, this is incredible stupid and has resultet in a few accidents, luckily non fatal, please be avere that coffee does not remove a buzz you have going. Anyway, new video and all that.

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5 Simple Drinks – Chocolate Milk

Getting this one on site in good time, i am getting a little better at this with time. Well you know the deal by now, 5 drinks, 3 or less ingredients, this time not perfect for the party, but the best to bring out when having friends over.

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5 Simple Drinks – Gin

Today i take a look at Gin and honestly if not for my celebrity crush on Ryan Reynolds i had for a while, i would probably never really have tastet gin, but because of him i got a bottle of Aviation, which is now a constant part of my bar, here are my top 5 drinks using this traditionally english spirit.

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5 Simple Drinks Using Vodka

5 Simple Drinks is a series in which i pick a base Ingredient and make, well 5 simple drinks using 3 or less ingredients, based around my mane ingredient. I made this series because i never fit in with the party crowd except for when i starting mixing drinks, so i want to indulge others in my view to hopefully fit in better. But remember to drink responsibly, if you don’t wan’t to, don’t do it and get to know your limit, addiction is a serious thing.

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