Impactful Blows and Forceful Chokeholds drawn by me

This piece of Powerpuff Girls fan art is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist, Mila aka Grace-Zed. So, Mila, I wish you a very blessed, wonderful, and awesome birthday and I hope you enjoy this post.
There’s nothing more satisfying and exciting than seeing Boomer giving his big bros, Brick and Butch, the beatdown they wholly deserve due to the fact that he has not forgiven them for taunting and bullying him in the past. Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are totally worried that Boomer might take this combat practice/fraternal beatdown too far. Mitch and Bunny are there to join combat practice and are rendered frightened by Boomer’s justifiable yet unhinged fury.
Narrator: The City of Townsville. Team Xtreme Headquarters and what an exciting day for our beloved superhero team, Team Xtreme, to engage in some intense combat practice.
(Boomer is slammed against the wall. Two looming figures approach him and they are revealed to be Brick and Butch.)
Brick: Come on, Boomer!
Butch: You think a dummy like you can stack up to big, scary dudes like us?!
(Boomer stands up.)
Boomer: I’m not gonna give up, big bros. I’m gonna rip you a new one and I’m gonna show you that I’m stronger than the both of you!
Brick: Ha! In your dreams, Dum-B!
Butch: Yeah!
(Boomer charges at them only to be incapacitated by Brick’s uppercut and Butch’s roundhouse kick. Once again, Boomer is slammed to the wall. Brick approaches Boomer and lifts him up by the neck with Butch cracking his fists. Both of them have ominous looks on their faces.)
Brick: Awww…What’s the matter? Too much of a baby to beat us?
Butch: Face it, Boom, you’re weak!
Blossom: Brick, Butch, don’t you dare say that to Boomer!
Buttercup: Yeah, you heard Leader Girl! You know Boom Boom Blue is gonna kick your butts somehow.
Bubbles: Uh, girls, take a look at Boomie.
(Boomer growls like a wild animal and knocks Brick’s choking arm with his fists. From there, he unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks to Brick including one forceful punch to his cheek, thus knocking a couple of teeth out and spewing blood and saliva. Brick lands on the mat with a heavy thud.)
Mitch: All right, Boom, you da man!
Bunny: Oh, goodness, I hope this doesn’t end too horribly.
(After that, Boomer lands another forceful punch on Butch’s abdomen. The impact is so painful that blood and saliva spew from his mouth. Boomer lands more punches and kicks to Butch’s abdomen, thighs, eyes, cheek, and even gives him a headbutt. Butch also falls on the mat.)
Narrator: Wow! Folks, this is just an incredible sight! Just look at Boomer go! At this rate, the impact of his punches and kicks have left Brick and Butch completely incapacitated. Can somebody stop him before it’s too late?
(Boomer the drags Butch and Brick to the center kneeling, as the two older brothers are regaining consciousness.)
Brick (groaning): Aw, crud.
Butch (moaning): Aw, man.
(Boomer is looming at Brick and Butch.)
Boomer (ominously): Welcome to Heck.
(Boomer places his legs on Brick’s and Butch’s legs and places his strong arms on their necks. He begins the chokehold on the both of them and whilst doing that he emits a bear’s growl.)
Brick (wheezing): You think you can do better than that, Boom?
Butch (wheezing): Yeah, you big dummy craphead.
(Boomer’s grip on Brick and Butch tightens even more and his bear’s growl increases in volume. He continues to apply a lot of pressure on his neck and leg grips to the point where Brick and Butch are gasping for air and keep hitting their hands wildly on the mat.)
Brick and Butch (in stifled voices): Tap out. We tap out, little bro!
(Boomer’s rage continues to grow, as his grip tightens even further and his animalistic growling is ever increasing, and blood is flowing from Brick’s and Butch’s mouths.)
Blossom: Uh…Boomer…I think you should let go now.
Buttercup: Yeah. I know Brickhead and Butcher deserve it and the beatdown was kind of fun while it lasted, but they almost look they’re about to die.
Bubbles: This is starting to scare me, Boomie. Brickie and Butchie are probably begging for their lives now.
Boomer: Not until they apologize for all the crap they did to me!
Butch (wheezing and almost letting out a scream): Okay, okay, Boom. We’re sorry for calling you all those crappy things.
Brick (wheezing): Now, can you please let us go?
(Boomer has just regained his senses and releases his grip. Brick and Butch fall nearly lifeless to the mat.)
Boomer (standing up with a cold tone in his voice): Just let that be a lesson to you, big bros. Don’t screw around with me.
(Brick and Butch groan painfully.)
(Mitch and Bunny are left dumbstruck.)
Mitch: Uh, Bunny Rabbit.
Bunny: Yes, Mitchie darling.
Mitch: Remind me to never be on Boom’s bad side.
Bunny: All right.
(Boomer walks out of the mat still with a cold expression on his face. Mitch, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny approach with caution.)
Blossom: Um…Great work you did there, Boomer.
Buttercup: Yeah, you showed Brick and Butch who the strongest was.
Bubbles: We…um…knew you could do it.
Mitch: And…they had it coming too.
Bunny (nervously): Yeah.
(Boomer’s cold expression subsides and he cracks a satisfied smile.)
Boomer: Yeah, I guess I did show my big bros that I’m stronger than them. And you know how it makes me feel?
Mitch, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny: Yeah?
Boomer: It makes me feel totally awesome! YAHOOOO!!!!!
(Boomer launches himself up to the air like a rocket and laughs jubilantly.)
Boomer: Look at me, world, I am the champion! Woohoohoo! Yeah!
(Boomer does a victory dance by doing somersaults, kicking his legs, and stretching his arms with joy in the air.)
Blossom: Well, I guess Boomer accomplished something great today.
Buttercup: Something tells me we’re never gonna hear the end of it.
Bubbles: But you know what? I always love seeing him happy.
Mitch: Hey, Boom, when you’re done doing your victory dance come down there and join us for lunch!
Bunny: Yeah, we got a really hearty lunch that we’re gonna prepare.
Blossom: Today’s lunch is steak fajitas, Romaine salad with pesto dressing, and blueberry yogurt shake all prepared by Mitch and Bunny.
(Boomer still in midair.)
Boomer: Awesome!
(Boomer rockets his way down like a missile and lands with excitement.)
Boomer: Well, what are we waitin’ for guys, let’s head to the dining hall!
(Mitch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles laugh with such positive vibes.)
Boomer: Oh, and Brick, Butch, when you guys wake up, come to the dining room and join us okay.
(They depart the training room.)
(Cut to Brick and Butch who are slowly waking up.)
Brick (faintly): Yo, Butchie.
Butch (faintly): Yeah, Brickie Boy.
Brick: Let’s make a promise, shall we? Let’s never mess with Boomer again. Got it?
Butch: Yes, sir.
Brick: Ah, my aching muscles. Jeez. I’m never gonna recover from this.
Butch: You think you had it bad? My entire body is aching.
Brick: What do you say we join, Mitch, Boom, and the babes.
Butch: Sure thing, big bro.
Narrator: Whew! I gotta say that was one intense and crazy day! So, once again the day is saved. Thanks to Team Xtreme and Mitch and Bunny. Boy, I don’t know how I would do in a beatdown like that.
And there you have it. It just goes to show that a superhuman being like Boomer should never ever be messed with. Otherwise, he will certainly give you Hell to pay.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post and piece of fan art and until the next time.
Brick, Butch, Boomer, Mitch, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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