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Vacation Recap

A well deserved ish vacation has passed and i need to catch up. A few videos have been posted i will collect them all here and get back to some new.  

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Tabletop Discussion – Backing on Kickstarter

Something i have done plenty of times and will do plenty off times in the future, one thing i didn’t mention is that 3 of the projects are failed projects, so i have only payed 67 times on kickstarter, still plenty off times. In total it actually comes to 3.333 USD, 1508 HKD, 346 NZD, 259 CAD, 141 Euro, 132 AUD ad 75 Pounds or about 4.266.59 USD, wich 29.181,5524 Danish Krone, this sounds fucking insane, espacially because, usually more money is spent in the pledgemanager, this is when i realise i have a problem, god dam. Anyway, the point of the video is to remark on the talking points of the internet and put my words on them, i think i get that done fairly efficiently.

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Tabletop Reviews – Something Big

I am back from some busy weeks, upload will happen regurlarly again. Starting with this thing based of a package i got recently, get ready for more of those. Something big, something expensive, something that some perhaps wants, perhaps needs.

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Tabletop Reviews – Comparison – Zooloretto

David vs Goliath. Duel of fates aint got nothing on this. Anyway enough of the (bad)jokes, Comparison videos are some of my favorites and i wanna evovle this series in a series to something better, i am a bit unhappy about this first one, i will set a plan for the next one, don’t know when that is only that it is.

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