Gratitude to All of My 2,200 YouTube Subscribers

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Good evening, everybody. This morning, I discovered that I reached the 2,200 YouTube subscriber mark. I continue to be grateful for all the love, support, encouragement, and joy you all have been giving me during my YouTube tenure.

As much as I have been continuing to upload more videos on my channel, I have started to do a bit more streaming where I can be communicative with all of you, dear viewers. Yes, I am continuing to write my Master’s Thesis like the full-time academic job like it is. However, I will continue to find some time to stream for you and keep on growing my channel. I even hope to do some Halloween-related reviews from September to October once I have all my academic prerequisites behind me.

The videos that continue to gain a lot more traction than ever before are, of course, my Saban-era Blue Ranger morph attempts and ranking the Saban-era Power Rangers series Blue Ranger-morph style. So, I thank all of you wonderful Power Rangers fans for keeping up with me. Hopefully, by this coming Red Ribbon Reviewers’ month, I will do the Disney-era Blue Ranger morphs.

I want to thank all of you 2,202 YouTube subscribers for keeping up with me and my content. I also want to thank my parents, siblings, fellow actors, fellow singers, fellow musicians, fellow voice actors, fellow filmmakers, fellow artists, university colleagues, teachers, mentors, fellow online reviewers, fellow writers, fellow online content creators, and fellow aficionados of media, music, and popular culture for inspiring me to be the man I am today. Take care and have a grand spring/summer season, everybody.


  • I'm an American actor, voice actor, singer and reviewer with a strong Filipino and Spanish heritage living in Berlin, Germany. I love and I am passionate about opera, anime, cartoons, movies, theater and basically the arts and culture and general.

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