My Gratitude to My 2,004 YouTube Subscribers

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Happy Valentine’s Month and Lunar New Year, everybody! Antoni here with some wonderful news for you. Within one month and three weeks, I have finally hit the 2,000 YouTube subscriber mark. I now have 2,004 subscribers, and I am grateful for your support and encouragement.

Since December of 2023, one video became last year’s hit: my “Saban-Era Blue Ranger Morph Attempts” video. This was a compilation video of the individual Saban-Era Blue Ranger morph attempt videos from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Wild Force. I enjoyed the experience to my heart’s content. I enjoyed it so much that I also used the same videos to make a ranking video of Saban-Era Power Rangers seasons from which season I tolerated at best, Power Rangers Turbo, to which season won the gold medal as the best Power Rangers season of all time in my eyes, Power Rangers Time Force. They were also my contributions not only to Red Ribbon Reviewers 2023 but also to celebrate the Power Rangers franchise’s 30th anniversary when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 first aired on Fox Kids on August 28, 1993. Therefore, thank you to all of the Power Rangers devotees for tuning in to those videos, giving them love, and joining me in my YouTube journey.

My fellow Power Rangers devotees are not the only ones who are worthy of gratitude and love. I also want to thank my family, friends, university colleagues, fellow online reviewers, fellow artists, fellow actors, fellow voice actors, fellow singers, fellow music aficionados, fellow filmmakers, and fellow writers for their constant inspiration for me to keep on growing as an artist and a person.

Thank you all to my wonderful 2,004 subscribers, and I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s month as well as a prosperous Lunar New Year.


  • I'm an American actor, voice actor, singer and reviewer with a strong Filipino and Spanish heritage living in Berlin, Germany. I love and I am passionate about opera, anime, cartoons, movies, theater and basically the arts and culture and general.

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