Inuyasha x Ayame: Red x Yellow Ranger Inspirations

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This couple’s relationship inspirations meme originally belongs to MelSpyRose and is dedicated to all the wonderful shippers, partisans, and loyalists of the following couples: Inuyasha x Ayame or InuAya, Eric x Taylor or Quantum Eagle, Leo x Maya or The Tribal Lions, and Andros x Ashley or The Space Rangers in Love. This is also dedicated to everybody willing to give Red Ranger x Yellow Ranger romances a shot and everybody who has been enjoying my Mighty Morphin Inurangers AU headcanon thus far. Sit back, relax, and revel in the Saban-Era Red Ranger x Yellow Ranger romantic couples that constitute Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s almighty, omnipotent, and unbeatable bond as a canine Yokai power couple.

My Mighty Morphin Inurangers AU headcanon has established that Inuyasha is the super strong, hot-blooded, choleric Red Ranger leader and Ayame is the fabulously fierce, determined, resilient Yellow Ranger tomboy. Inuyasha embodies both Tommy Oliver’s and Jason Lee Scott’s victorious brands of leadership, strength, courage, and virility. Therefore, he possesses Tommy’s iconic popularity as the greatest Power Ranger ever for all three Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seasons, specifically when he led the team during Season 2’s second half and all of Season 3, with a hint of Zeo and Turbo during his later Red Ranger tenures and Jason’s courageous leadership as the original Red Ranger for the first two MMPR seasons. Ayame embodies both Trini Kwan’s warmth, dedication, and compassion and Aisha Campbell’s sass, courage, and persistence with a hint of Tanya Sloan’s genuineness, thus possessing Trini’s, Aisha’s, and Tanya’s best qualities during their respective times on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. There is no doubt that Tommy, Jason, Trini, Aisha, and Tanya will be happy for Inuyasha and Ayame.

Inuyasha’s ownership of Tommy’s long-staying power as the greatest Ranger ever and Jason’s virile courage as the original Red Ranger leader as well as Ayame’s ownership of Trini’s warm dedication as the original Yellow Ranger, Aisha’s persistent sass as the second Yellow Ranger, and Tanya’s noble valor from the last half of Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers all the way up to Zeo and the first half of Turbo signify two great bonds in store for Inuyasha and Ayame respectively. Inuyasha easily considers Tommy and Jason to be the best big brothers from other mothers he can always look up to, while Ayame cherishes her sisterhood with Trini, Aisha, and Tanya. While Inuyasha is grateful for Tommy’s and Jason’s unconditional brotherhood and Ayame is blessed for Trini’s, Aisha’s, and Tanya’s unbreakable sisterhood, this is where all of their similarities as Rangers end. This is attributed to Tommy and Jason solely possessing platonic relationships with Trini, Aisha, and Tanya during their tenures as Red Rangers and Yellow Rangers. At least Inuyasha and Ayame have three Red Ranger x Yellow Ranger couples they can wholly emulate.

Inuyasha may possess Tommy’s long-lasting popularity in the Power Rangers franchise and Jason’s indomitable leadership skills, but he also possesses Eric Myers’ leonine steeliness, Leo Corbett’s virile valor, and Andros’ stealthy courage. Ayame may be imbued with Trini’s warm compassion, Aisha’s resilient sass, and Tanya’s pure loyalty, but she also has Taylor Earhardt’s fierce combat prowess, Maya’s sterling bravery, and Ashley’s radiant kindness in her arsenal. What Eric, Leo, and Andros possess as Red Rangers and what Taylor, Maya, and Ashley bear as Yellow Rangers are what also solidify them as couples, specifically Eric x Taylor, Leo x Maya, and Andros x Ashley. Moreover, Eric’s and Taylor’s indomitable will to challenge themselves, Leo’s and Maya’s unwavering courage to fight for justice, and Andros’ and Ashley’s peerlessly unconditional love for each other are the traits necessary for Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s romantic relationship as a canine Yokai power couple to thrive and flourish. Eric, Leo, Andros, Taylor, Maya, and Ashley will be supportive of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s romance and will champion them together.

Eric Myers the red-clad Quantum Ranger and Taylor Earhardt the yellow-clad Soaring Eagle Ranger embody all the combat prowess, fighting spirit, and military toughness that Inuyasha and Ayame need to lead the Northern Yoro Tribe to victory against invaders and conquest against marauders. Both Eric and Taylor do exceptional jobs in imbuing Inuyasha and Ayame with abundant fortitude, steeliness, and toughness to make all of their opponents surrender. Eric’s and Taylor’s signature steely fortitude is what also motivates Inuyasha and Ayame to challenge their personal bests and embrace every challenge they encounter in their lives as the King and Queen of the Northern Yoro Tribe. In return, Inuyasha and Ayame find themselves thoroughly subscribing to Eric’s and Taylor’s military strength and leonine combat prowess as warriors. Furthermore, both Eric and Taylor as well as Inuyasha and Ayame bear huge quantities of passionate sexual tension aside from leading their troops to victory complete with iron fists. Inuyasha and Ayame would easily emulate Eric’s and Taylor’s leonine formidability as a power couple.

Leo Corbett the Red Galaxy Ranger and Maya of Mirinoi the Yellow Galaxy Ranger capitalize on dutiful responsibility, benevolent leadership, and heroic courage for Inuyasha and Ayame to grow both individually as warriors and together as a power couple. Because Inuyasha and Ayame have a great responsibility to their tribe and to all of their fourteen children, Leo and Maya would ensure that they are on a good track and serve as great confidants. This is because Leo and Maya also have duties to protect and serve the citizens of Terra Venture and Mirinoi, thanks to their courageous leadership as chief and chieftainess of both lands. Leo’s heroic courage and Maya’s valiant compassion are also the necessary traits for Inuyasha and Ayame to be more attentive leaders to their people as well as unconditionally loving parents to their children. Leo’s and Maya’s great duties as chief and chieftainess aside, they also possess tenderness and warmth as a couple, which makes them positive influences for Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s love lives. Inuyasha and Ayame would salute Leo’s and Maya’s heroic leadership with all their hearts.

Andros of KO-35 the Red Space Ranger and Ashley Hammond the Yellow Space Ranger take advantage of their benevolent warmth, unconditional love, and harmonious beauty to provide Inuyasha and Ayame with sufficient room to flourish in synergy, beauty, strength, and love. As Andros possesses regal amounts of rationality and Ashley possesses copious amounts of kindness, they would serve as catalysts for Inuyasha and Ayame to demonstrate sensitive warmth toward each other. Furthermore, Andros and Ashley would inspire Inuyasha and Ayame to show encouragement of each other’s endeavors as warriors, combatants, and individuals with chutzpah and joy. The two most salient attributes that Andros and Ashley possess are their tender attentiveness to each other’s wants and needs and noble decorum as benevolently courageous heroes. Andros would do an amazing job in encouraging Inuyasha’s fierce loyalty as a warrior, while Ashley would do phenomenally in heightening Ayame’s unparalleled dedication as a combatant. Inuyasha and Ayame would be glad to have Andros and Ashley as great friends.

Inuyasha may embody Tommy’s everlasting legacy as the greatest Ranger ever and Jason’s courage as the original Red Ranger leader as the Red Tyrannosaurus Inuranger. Ayame may embody Trini’s warm compassion, Aisha’s fearless sass, and Tanya’s straightforward genuineness as the Yellow Sabertoothed Tiger Inuranger. However, Inuyasha also possesses Eric’s formidable ambition, Leo’s benevolent heroism, and Andros’s valiant nobility, while Ayame also possesses Taylor’s strong fighting spirit, Maya’s exceptional courage, and Ashley’s loving purity. Banded together a Red Ranger x Yellow Ranger couple, Inuyasha and Ayame thoroughly capitalize on Eric’s and Taylor’s powerful formidability as strong warriors, Leo’s and Maya’s boundless valor as outstanding leaders, and Andros’s and Ashley’s crystalline beauty as tender lovers. Eric, Leo, and Andros would do wonders for Inuyasha’s might. Taylor, Maya, and Ashley would work miracles for Ayame’s determination. As three Red Ranger x Yellow Ranger couples, they would make Inuyasha and Ayame grow together as a formidable power couple.

I hope you all enjoyed this look into how Eric x Taylor, Leo x Maya, and Andros x Ashley influence Inuyasha x Ayame and their brand of unconditional love, fierce loyalty, and sheer beauty as a Red Ranger x Yellow Ranger couple. Tune in for another submission. Take care, stay safe, and always show your love for Eric x Taylor, Leo x Maya, Andros x Ashley, and Inuyasha x Ayame, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Eric Myers, Taylor Earhardt, Leo Corbett, Maya of Mirinoi, Andros of KO-35, and Ashley Hammond from the Power Rangers franchise belong to Saban and Toei.


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