Butchubbles: The Most Lovable RuffPuff Couple Ever

This de-motivational poster is dedicated to all of my Butchubbles-shipping friends, fellow artists, fans, and brethren. Ergo, soak in that Butchubbles lovability, sweetness, preciousness, and loveliness.
I expressed my most earnest thoughts on Brickercup and Blossoomer. Now, it is time for Butchubbles to take the stand, thus completing my little de-motivational series, as to why I really love all of the color clash couples. With Butchubbles’ case, this couple has positively surprised me in more ways than one considering how effectively their opposite personalities can click. Butch is super strong, fierce, tough, rough around the edges, wild, and animalistic, thus making him the brutish muscle of Team Xtreme, while Bubbles is generous, kind, gentle, appreciative, sweet, and lovable, thus making her Team Xtreme’s pacifist. When these two are together, they would end up appreciating each other for their positive qualities and pleasantly surprise each other. For example, Butch not only likes Bubbles for her generosity, attentiveness, kindness, and lovability but also for the fact that when she goes into her hardcore mode, she can stand on her own two feet as a fierce combatant. Meanwhile, Bubbles would not only love Butch for his strength, toughness, fierceness, and ruggedness but also the many times he would go out of his way to protect Bubbles from all forms of harm using his super strength and peerless combat prowess and how surprisingly loyal, attentive, and supportive he is towards her. Ergo, Butch and Bubbles can always find the best in each other.
I will reiterate that Butchubbles is a wonderful example of soulmates finding the best qualities in each other, thus learning about each others’ strengths, weaknesses, and the surprises that come along the way in relationships such as this. Just because Butch would always go out of his way to protect Bubbles from all harm, much like how a lot of good rugged heroes would do when they rescue the girl, does not mean that Bubbles will always find herself as the designated damsel in distress. Bubbles can use her grace, agility, and physical flexibility to take down anyone who dares to defile her. In turn, Butch would not only be impressed with how Bubbles can handle herself but he can see a lot more substance in her because she is not just another cute, pretty, dainty face. She is a rose who can expose her thorns when necessary and that would make Butch root for her even more. Meanwhile, Bubbles can feel more at home with Butch’s brand of loyalty, kindness, and attentiveness considering how much he covers his mushy, gooey side with a hard, impenetrable shell of toughness and ruggedness. When they are together, Butch would definitely feel at peace with Bubbles because he will be intrepid enough to show his sensitive, nurturing side not just in the many times used for protection but also for the intimacy between them. Ergo, no amount of animosity or violence can disrupt this healthy bond.
It is not solely their personalities that make them root for each other but also the activities they would end up doing together. Sure, Butch loves weightlifting, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, soccer, football, basketball, water polo, and wrestling while Bubbles loves gymnastics, capoeira, interpretive dancing, cheerleading, tai chi, track-and-field, and volleyball but what they have in common is their love for animals, visiting the animal shelters and the zoos, fine art, horror movies, visiting sports events, walks to the park, anime and manga, especially since Butch loves seinen and shonen such as Dragonball Z, Berserk, and YuYu Hakusho while Bubbles is a huge shoujo fan with titles such as Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Magic Knight Rayearth, and languages especially where their love for Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Italian come into play. Everything they do together is done with so much charm and lovability that it does not feel like a job but more like a game, they like to play every time.
As combatants, they are an amazing marriage of super strength, animalistic ferocity, graceful agility, and peerless flexibility. Combining Butch’s muscles, strength, and fierceness with Bubbles’ agility, grace, and flexibility put both of them at a great advantage against their foes, thus making them a rather unstoppable force.
My feelings for Butchubbles have grown stronger as the years rolled by because of how surprising, different, and fun this couple really is. This also came to effect when I was involved in a couple of art trades with, of course, KatyGorl, where I brought in her Butchubbles children to my Team Xtreme universe and it eventually inspired me to create my four more Butchubbles sons. I was also immersed by other fan artists and friends who ship Butchubbles so much so that I opened my mind and heart to accept this couple as one of my OTPs. Thus, sealing the deal that the color clash RuffPuff couples are the best set of pairings ever.
Overall, I am so thankful that Butchubbles managed to find its way into my mind, heart, and soul as one of my most precious OTPs of all time. The dynamics Butch and Bubbles have as a couple is wonderful to witness to the point of understanding how effectively their opposite personalities can mesh with each other.
I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, everybody.
Butch, Bubbles, the screenshot from “The Rowdyruff Boys”, and the screenshot from “Mime for a Change” belong to The Rowdyruff Boys and The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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