One New Role Coming Up and it’s Shakespeare-related

Hey, everybody, I regret to inform that I could not make it to the Staatsoper im Schillertheater to watch Berlioz’s La Damnation de Faust and later give a proper vlog-style review, this was also the same case of why I could not make it to my dear Narine Yeghiyan‘s Lieder Recital and give a review of that too, as I had a new project under my belt.
How I got into this project was by complete chance thanks to my very great filmmaker/actress friend, Carolina Rath. As soon as I got the memo that I was going to read for Caliban for Shakespeare’s The Tempest, known in German as Der Sturm, I was quite ecstatic. I knew from the back of my mind this was going to be not only a great challenge for me as it’s always been for someone who’s first language is not even German, but it was also a great opportunity for me to open new gates and eventually make this particular role have a handsome place on my resumé and/or curriculum vitae in order to apply for universities, more acting jobs and the like, since another academic plan for Uni is to not only have English as my major but also Theater Studies, if ever Spanish as my second subject does not fare well or vice versa.
Our director, Frank Tilmann Otto, is a sympathetic and really cool person. I am glad to work with him so far, as long as I keep diligent, hard-working, and disciplined. In addition to that, the overall camaraderie has been positive and I hope it is kept that way.
In terms with how I am faring in school, let’s just say that how I’m doing now is a slight improvement from the first half of the E-Phase and as always, I have been passing all of my subjects and still continue to do so. Once I reach the Q-Phase, as in the last two years of doing my Abitur or pre-university schooling, then I will have to give a lot more effort.
It may seem like I’m doing a bit too much, but I’m open to anything. Though when all is said and done, I’m a lot more excited for my summer break and I’m anticipating what is to come on my journeys.
I wish you all a good night and I hope you all had a pleasant Pentecostal week.

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