Rock on, Georgia!

Georgia, I totally salute your people with all of my reverence for two reasons. First, the presence of Stacey Abrams has displayed how much respect this woman shall garner not only from me but also all of my fellow Americans because of how she encouraged the prevalence of Democracy to be present in that state. Secondly, Biden took the lead after what it seemed like such a monumentally whopping task. Bravi to all of the people of Georgia for making Democracy thrive!

Now, it is a question of how Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, and North Carolina will hold up. I am still slightly rooting for Arizona, but it seems like Biden’s lead there is fizzing out despite still being at the top. However, Pennsylvania continues to give me a good amount of hope. So, all I can do is continue to hope that Democracy shall be restored and the blue wave shall lead Biden to victory for the good of all the American people.

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