The Cerebro Logs

X-Men Red #4 or ‘3 Part Life and Death Discussion’

In this review of X-Men Red #4, the intergalactic backlash of last week’s X-Men is felt with a high-profile murder and whether or not it’s ethical for Krakoa to bring them back. So much to unpack. We get three different stories and it’s just a lot to unpack. I love it.http://

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X-Force #29 or ‘Kid Omega is Right’

In this review of X-Force part 3 of the Cerebrax arc, X-Force gets some major backup after Wolverine is literally bent out of shape and they call in The Omegas! Ben Percy has really changed my opinion with this arc with the scary movie vibes and how it feels more focused and different it is in tone from Wolverine.http://

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Comic Book Review: X-Men #12 or ‘The Beating of Sinister’

In this review of the X-Men #12, we get some great visuals from the living legends Pepe Larez and Gerry Duggan as they conclude the Gameworld arc and we get some clarication on the idenitity of Dr. Stasis… Its a doozy. Ben Urlich is becoming one of my favorite non mutant characters! Read the book!!http://

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