September 2020

My Weight Loss: The September Edition

Hey, everybody. Antoni, here with my weight loss update.   I know I said that from this month until December aka the -ber months are going to be used to lose a lot more weight. I am still keeping to that promise and, as you can tell, I have gone from 14 stone 1.76 lbs (197.76 lbs or 89.7 kg) to 13 stone 7.6 lbs (189.6 lbs or 86 kg). That means I have lost beyond half a stone in this month alone, i.e. 8.16 lbs or 3.7 kg.   This was not just due to the fact that I still maintained a pescatarian, vegetarian, and fruitarian diet along with fitting as much exercise as I can, but it is also thanks to the Ketogenic Diet or the Keto Diet for making this first -ber month weight loss accomplishment possible. Moreover, this is also something my flatmate and I have been doing and the results have been fantastic.   Sure, this was not easy, as I did crave for pasta, cereals, rice, and certain foods that brought me to my doldrums. However, with the persistence, resilience, and determination I had in my mind, soul, and body to not go back to the route of obesity again, I do not miss these foods whatsoever and I hope not to go back to them again.   I have my great friend Jill to thank so much from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me to be on the Keto Diet and I am feeling very ecstatic to have done this. I have more motivation and confidence every waking morning and I intend to lose more weight to live the fulfilling, independent, and excellent-quality life I have always wanted and needed. Furthermore, I have found something that is sustainable, has worked really well for me so far, and something I can definitely live well with.   I wanted to lose between 7 to 14 pounds (3.175 kg to 6.35kg) by the end of September. Now that I found out that I lost 8.16 lbs (3.7 kg), I feel like I smashed my target and I am on my way to being away from being classified as clinically obese, since my BMI is currently 30.1. Yes, this is also totals as an overall weight loss, from when I started back in August 27, 2019 being 17 stone 3.64 lbs (241.64 lbs or 109.6 kg) to now being 13 stone 7.6 lbs (189.6 lbs or 86 kg), of 3 stone 10.04 lbs (52.04 lbs or 23.6 kg). It is just 3.56 more pounds until I hit my 4-stone (56-pound or 25.4-kg) weight loss to end up being within the healthy weight range.   While it was great to wrap up my first -ber month with this piece of progress, I cannot rest on my laurels. October is coming up. By the looks of it, if I keep this weight-loss progress up, I could already lose a stone (14 lbs or 6.35 kg) in total. I might even end up losing between 1 stone 2 lbs or 1 and a half stone (16 lbs and 21 lbs or 7.26 kg or 9.53 kg).   From this day until the end of the day, any weight lost between this month until December, let alone before the start of 202, is so much better than any weight regained.

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