January 2021

Gravity A Capella

I take myself back to the days spent as a twelve-year-old lad catching Wolf’s Rain and being whisked away into the haunting melody of this ending song. Now, it is my turn to give a spin on my rendition of Gravity, which was originally sung by the great Maaya Sakamoto. I hope you enjoy it.

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Lithium Flower A Capella

Here is an anime ending theme tune that I thoroughly enjoyed when I was a twelve-year-old sixth grader from one of my most favorite anime series of all time, Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Enjoy my cover of Lithium Flower.

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New Year New Me

New Year New Me does not even begin to describe how joyous I felt. This is also a chance for me to remind myself how far I have come in my weight loss progress. Six years ago, I was spending my Christmas and Boxing Day in Toronto where I met my flat mate’s sister, brother-in-law, and their two grown-up children. When I visited their place, I received this collared shirt as a Christmas gift. Due to me still being on the fatter side, this shirt used to be tight on me. Now that I weigh 12 stone 8 lbs (176 lbs or 80 kg) and I am over a stone and a half (21 lbs or 9.525 kg) near my ideal weight, there is no stopping me from being the slimmer, happier, more confident me that I have always dreamed of being. This collared shirt serves as my personal reminder.

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