The Whole Damn World is Watching

The whole damn world is watching
And that is an undeniable fact.
There is no time for joshing
Nor is there time to hold back.
For four years, Donald Trump has brought gloom
Not only to the Americans but all citizens of the world.
Through him, there was oppression, anguish, and doom
with the pillars of Democracy unfurled.
I, as an American of Filipino-Spanish blood,
did not know how bad things were going to get.
Now, that my eyes have seen Trump’s horrid flood
It is high time to make him lose his bet.
I voted for Biden two months ago
by mail-in ballot, mind you,
Knowing that Democracy’s return shall flow
And hope can blossom anew.
Throughout this duration of the election,
I and the good American people were shaking.
This was a really close selection.
Let us hope the new president does not leave us quaking.
I have had it from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head
With Trump’s belittling, bullying, greed, and pig-headedness!
Every time he opened his mouth, I would dread.
I knew this barbarian was baseless.
With Biden gaining steam in the likes of Michigan and Wisconsin,
Democracy can ride forth with victorious pride.
However, Trump’s, and his goons’ minds are so dim
To the point where they only had my remarks so snide.
This year’s election is not a joke.
This year’s election is not a game.
It is no longer about being woke,
It is now about distinguishing integrity from shame.
COVID-19 should have been the impetus for realization.
However, Trump and his base were to ignorant.
With Biden, at least he can prioritize security and immunization.
Now, we have now seen Trump as foolish and flippant.
Atrocities like withdrawing from The Paris Climate Agreement
were not enough to hammer home in his thick skull
That he has placed the USA in confinement
And reduced relations with the allies to null.
Do we still want a president who fires other left and right?
Do we still want a president who devalues service and sacrifice?
Hell no, we don’t need no shagging fool full of spite!
Hell no, we don’t need no brain and heart the size of lice!
It is time for grace, honor, and duty
To return to presidency for good and for all.
That is not me being arrogant or snooty.
That is me proclaiming that we don’t want another free-fall.
Biden is my man.
Now and forevermore.
He shall take the stand.
He shall commence a whole new lore.
Keep in mind that the whole damn world is watching.
That is an undeniable fact.
There is no time for joshing
Nor is there time to to hold back.
Make the right choice.
Choose Biden, choose blue, choose democracy.
My fellow Americans, you have a voice.
Never give in to lies and hypocrisy.

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