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Thank You to All of My 1,340 Subscribers

Hey, everybody. Antoni here with my first milestone for 2020, as I have reached 1,340 subscribers on YouTube. I want to thank all of my 1,340 subscribers for keeping up with me and for sticking by me through thick and thin. I also want to thank my family, my friends, all of my colleagues from my previous schools, acting schools, Kolleg Schöneberg, and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, my fellow artists, my fellow singers, my fellow actors, my fellow voice actors, my fellow bloggers, my fellow filmmakers, my fellow musicians, my fellow online reviewers, and my fellow online content creators for being greatest sources of inspiration, passion, grit, determination, drive, and courage. You have all made me be the passionate online reviewer I have always been, and I am very grateful and humbled. Please support me by subscribing to my channel so that you can view all the content I have to offer ranging from reviews of operas, ballets, concerts, musicals, cartoons, anime, and movies to the material I have as a music fan, an actor, a voice actor, and a singer. Thank you all once again, and let us all make 2020 a most memorable year.

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Estonian Folk Song Singing in Peppersack

We now venture into my most favorite part of my meal in Peppersack, and that was the absolutely wonderful folk song singing done by the fine ladies and gentlemen of this restaurant. For the record, I do enjoy the lead singer’s voice, as it had good coordination throughout the registers.

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Holiday Gratitude from A Great Friend and Fan

Happy Holidays to all of my fans, friends, and followers. Antoni here with another written entry. One of my most loyal friends, fans, and watchers Daniel D. Roberts aka JekyllAndHydeChannel has done something really wonderful in this holiday season. Once again, he has given me some really cute and lovely gifts, and I am very thankful for him. I am also grateful for the continuous support he has been giving me during my tenure on DeviantArt, for being an absolutely awesome person to talk to, and for being quite a loving soul. So, Daniel, I too wish you the happiest of holidays, and please continue to stay as awesome as you are, man.

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