EliDPerry2000: An introduction to my channel

Greetings. My name is Elijah D. Perry, otherwise known online as EliDPerry2000 or sometimes EDP2000 or even TheRealEDP2000, depending on the platform. My content usually consists of movie analysis videos and reviews, as well as video essays on anime, music, and other pop culture. I also create video essays about the rise and fall of YouTubers. I’m very honored to be a member of the Team Night Saturn crew and am very optimistic for what’s in store in the future.   Here’s my most recent video:   How Netflix Misunderstood Cowboy Bebop     And here are a few of my other videos that I’m particularly proud of: Heathers: A Scathing Look At Teenage Life Akira: The Nihilism of Self-Destruction PARENTAL ADVISORY: The Mass Hysteria of 80’s Rock Music and History of the PMRC The Bloated Ego of Ethan Klein

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