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Tabletop Reviews – New York Zoo

I love Animals, I love Board Games, I love Board Games about Animals, New York Zoo is such a game and it is polyomino at that (Because of the shapes that it uses it is called a polyomino game) Although recording didn’t turned out quit like i wanted i still got a good and interesting result, with some weird, but intertaining cuts, as Bob Ross would have said, happy little accidents. And a little announcement, i might be ready to air a new series this month, just need to put the finishing touches on it and get e new chanel trailer ready and friday the 8th of July it will air, a new series called, Foodaholic, not replacing 5 Simple Drinks, both series will come out every other friday from each other and 5 Simple Drinks might be renamed Simple Drinks, it is hard coming up with 5 drinks everytime, i usually have 3 or 4 and force a 5th out my brain, i feel no reason to do that. But enjoy todays episode of Tabletop Reviews

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Tabletop Reviews – Tic Tac K.O.

Back again from hiatus, i am rested and clear in my head, ready with multiple videos to have backlog on most series, thanks for the understanding , hope to not leave you like that again. But anyway, new episode of tabletop reviews, where today i am looking at tactical team tic tac toe, well it’s a team game if you’re weird, this is in heart a 1v1, like normal tic tac toe, just with dragons vs Unicorns instead of crosses vs cirkels, it is fun and i can recommend it for beginners and hobby gamers for it’s ease of play and some what tactical nature and offcourse it is another unstable games game, that is among my favorite games out there.

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Tabletop Reviews – Donald Duck Board Game

I love Donald Duck, i have almost every comic book of the Jumbobook series ever released in Denmark and a hole bunch others, my all time favorite fictional character, so when i saw this game, it was an insta buy, but there is some criticisme toward it. and also, quess who forgot to check the measurements of a youtube thumbnail, like a fucking idiot.

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Tabletop Reviews – Tapeworm

In the stress of work and getting the video up with a thumbnail and finally getting some prober rest, i gĀ“forgot to get this one up on the site, but hey, thumbnail and i am working on multiple videos right now, to leave me room to breathe.

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Long Shot the Dice Game Review

Long Shot the Dice Game finally arrived at my door and after many plays i have my review ready. I was really exited to receive this one with all of the good things i heard about it and it did not disapoint, it gives you the feeling of being at a horse rally and still playing a decent boardgame, most of the machanics makes thematic sense and the atwork is silly and fun, check the video for my full review. On top of that i am really happy with the editing in this video, still a few mistakes here and there, but all in all it is much better then my first one and it can only get better from here.

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