A Bloo-tastic Gift from Daniel

The love from one of my most loyal fans and wonderful friends of all time just keeps on coming and coming.
I just received this lovely Bloo 2D-figurine in the mail today. Even though Bloo is not one of my most favorite Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends characters mostly because of how grating his jerkass personality can be in the later season and how polarizing of a friend he can be towards Mac, I could still find him entertaining. Moreover, this recent gift is a really lovely gesture from Daniel D. Roberts aka JekyllAndHydeChannel.
So, Daniel, thank you so much for your continuous support and I wish you a lot of abundance, prosperity and joy in all of your endeavors.
If you want to be like Daniel and send me a gift or two, please do not hesitate to leave me a personal message. Thank you very much.

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