I Have Finally Reached the 1000-Subscriber Mark

Top of the morning, opera lovers, anime fans, film aficionados, cartoon fans, music fans, fellow artists, fellow actors, fellow singers, fellow voice actors, friends, family members, and fellow reviewers of all ages. It’s your old pal Antoni here with some great news.   As you can tell, I am more than jubilant because I have just reached the 1000-subscriber mark. More specifically, as of yesterday, I have gained 1010 YouTube subscribers, and I am really psyched to have gone this far.   Thank you to everyone who has inspired me, believed in me, and saw so much potential in me to keep growing not only as an artist but also as a person. I would love to thank the Lord Almighty for giving me a purpose to keep on thriving and to keep on living.   If you want to show your support, please click on the link to my YouTube channel, subscribe, check out the content I have to offer, and I hope you enjoy each and every one of them.   Once again, thank you all so much for being with me for the past 8 years I have been on YouTube. Thank you all so much for your support, even when disillusionment came knocking at my door. And thank you all so much for being absolutely awesome.   Take care, everybody.

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Thank You to all of my 901 YouTube Subscribers

Greetings, fellow opera fans, opera singers, musicians, reviewers, dancers, singers of all other genres, voice actors, actors, filmmakers, friends, and family! Your good, old pal Antoni here with another milestone I have just achieved.   As of today and in a span of just eleven days, I have just hit 901 subscribers and words cannot describe just how grateful, euphoric, and blessed I am to accomplish this new step in my life as an online reviewer.   I want to thank Katelyn Jewel for the icon that she drew for me, which I mainly use in my music-related reviews, Sean Roswell Gerson for the header art and the icon that I mainly use for my animated show reviews, all of my wonderful friends, family, colleagues, teachers, fellow reviewers, fellow singers, fellow artists, fellow voice actors, fellow actors, and fellow filmmakers for their unconditional support, and God for giving me purpose in everything that I am doing as a YouTuber. I could not have accomplished all of this and more without your help and, for that, I am absolutely grateful and phenomenally euphoric.   If you want to join me in my journey as an online reviewer and check out the content that I specialize in involving opera, musicals, concerts, chamber music, ballet, anime, cartoons, and movies, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, hit the bell icon to be notified of whatever new content I have to offer, and keep on spreading the word the stuff I have to offer.   Thank you so much once again and stay tuned for my upcoming review of the Schumann Lieder und Dichter Concert starring Thomas Lehman, Annika Schlicht, and Flurina Stucki.   Take care and stay awesome, everyone.

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Thank You to all of my 817 YouTube Subscribers

Hey, everybody! Antoni here with another milestone I have successfully reached after much toil.   As of yesterday, I just hit 817 YouTube subscribers and I am extremely grateful for the support all of you have given me for the past eight years I have been on this site. All of you have inspired me to create more content, especially my reviews of opera productions, concerts, musical productions, ballet productions, movies, anime, and cartoons. For that, I will continue to create more content for you all and I will not give up on the passion that I have for music, entertainment, and animation.   I also have an upcoming review of Mozart’s Don Giovanni live from the Royal Opera House and I am already finished recording the raw footage. I just need to edit it and by either today or tomorrow, it will be up on YouTube. It is just that I have been rather busy with university, considering that this is the orientation week. So, some of the content that I will produce will be released on a rather sporadic basis. However, that will not stop me from creating said content.   If you want to support me in making my channel grow, please click that link below and subscribe to my channel. I have a lot of great content to offer and I hope you can show your support by spreading the word.   That is all for now. Please do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and thank you to all of my 817 subscribers for your support and for putting up with me for the past eight years. Stay awesome, everybody.

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27th Birthday Gratitude to Everyone

Happy Labor Day, everybody. I know I would have loved to release this drawing a little bit earlier but I was quite busy with preparations with my mathematics written exam for my A-Levels or known in German as “meine schriftliche Abitur Prüfung in Mathematik”. Mind you, this is the second to the last exam I am doing as of this month before I get my Abitur certificate in order to for me to apply to all of the universities and colleges here in Berlin. This is something I should never for granted and I need to haul lots of ass. Even though there is this nagging doubt in me that tells me that I should have done a much better job in my 5. PK, my Spanish Leistungskurs Exam, and my English Leistungskurs Exam, I am not going to hold back whatsoever and just keep soldiering on. Going back to the matter at hand, I am extremely blessed, grateful, humbled, and happy to each and every one of you who have greeted me on my 27th birthday. I am now at an age where I need to set a better example for myself and for everyone else in my life, manage myself in a smarter way, and also take more time to be reflective and keep questioning everything I see in the world and not just have everything in my perspective to be black and white. Moreover, I have to continue to be very career-oriented in everything I do whether as a YouTuber who does vlog-style reviews of operas, concerts, albums, ballet, musicals, movies, cartoons, and anime, an artist who specializes in shipping fan art, and doing anything and everything to do with languages, music, and art. Finally, I have to keep on being grateful for everyone who has played an important role in my life. Speaking of which, I want to thank my mom, my dad, my grandparents, and my helpers who have raised me to be the person I am today and for ensuring that I do not lose sight of where I came from and who I am. I also want to thank my uncles, aunties, siblings, cousins, nephews, and nieces for showing support in their own special way. My gratitude also extends to my friends, colleagues, and fans who have shown continuous loyalty, support, and ensuring that I do not get too big for my boots. I cannot forget to be grateful for the many people who have inspired me such as my fellow artists, fellow singers, fellow actors, fellow voice actors, and fellow online reviewers. Finally, I would love to thank God for making me know my place in the world and for helping me to endure all of the hardships I have to go through and all of the blessings I have in my life. To conclude, thanks for being there for me during my 27 years in life and I too wish you a lot of love, beauty, and greatness in all that you do. Take care and have an awesome spring.

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Happy Easter and Happy One-Year DA Anniversary

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, my dear friends, Antoni here and I cannot believe it has been one year since I have been on DeviantArt, which is why I am so full of blessings, euphoria, and enthusiasm to be here in spite of some rather rocky moments. My time on DeviantArt has been awesome, interesting, and enjoyable, to say the least. All of my positive experiences on here have outweighed the negatives and I do feel like I have been improving as an artist, especially from the feedback I have from fellow Deviants and my loyal followers. I will continue to improve and do everything I can in order to better myself not only as an artist but also as a person. There are so many people I would love to thank for sticking by me and I would love to start with all of my 123 watchers, especially Tigerlover1993, AuronTsubaki1985, bubblyshipper, fashionbella, BeeWinter, Blossom200, Whyboy, PowerpuffObsessed, AwkwardOddOne, JekyllAndHydeChannel, xmysticaldreamsx, and KittyGemAmazon23, Misse-the-cat, SpringMonnie, and ilovetoeatfood4444 for sticking by me since day one onwards, for their great moral support, and their positive vibes. You are all the reasons why I continue to make fanart of the shows I not only like but also the pairings that fascinate me the most. In terms of the artists who have inspired the most, I would love to thank Soraya7, MMHinman, betaruga, Teracles, Juacamo, zephleit, Suyohara, Geioji, AsmodisArt, lilithkiss00, and many other artists for inspiring me to improve my skills as an artist, especially where the male anatomy is concerned. Through your works, I have gained a lot of inspiration, passion, and interest in terms of bettering my drawing skills of not only the male anatomy but also the female anatomy. I also have to thank the-pongpang-art for her gorgeous character and background designs, as these very facets of her work were and will always be reasons for me to gain inspiration and keep improving as an artist. I would then love to thank my color-clash RuffPuff shipper sisters from another mother BrickercupMasterX3, KatyGorl, resotii, Citsitra-blue, GoldRoseAngel, xahCHUx, PurfectPrincessGirl, ColorfulWonders, and PrincessCallyie for making me fully invested in the color-clash RuffPuff couples, especially Brickercup and Blossoomer, as these two are the couples I have found myself shipping the most and loving and drawing the absolute heck out of them. I would also love to thank StretchNSnort for also getting me fully invested in Blossoomer among many other pairings and, once again, BrickercupMasterX3 for getting me fully invested in the flexible pairing known as Mitch x Bunny or Bunnitch and PrincessCallyie for getting me completely fascinated with Jack Spicer x Princess Morbucks or Prinack as well as further exploring my love for crossover pairings. Additionally, I would love to thank yosuehere, Redku, JenniferPowerpuff, MissEmmyJay, and Smol-Marshmallow for increasing my eternal love and fascination for Butch x Blossom or Blossutch, which I deem as the best color-crack RuffPuff couple, in my opinion, Sweatshirtmaster, tearmint, cinyanmon, NanakoBlaze, Team-Boomer3, PhantomLatte, Goody-II-Shoes and viannilla among many others for their works that have really inspired me to maintain Boomubbles as my most favorite RuffPuff color-coded pairing that I have been shipping ever since I was a tween or teen, and HMontes and MarcosBnPinto for further solidifying my love for Mike x Robin or Robike as an awesome couple. It is thanks to all of you guys that I continue to explore my respective passion for Blossutch, Boomubbles, and Robike every waking morning and give me sufficient reasons to draw these couples more often. I want to also thank Misse-the-cat for being especially enthusiastic and supportive when it comes to my next-gen Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles characters, especially the two new Butchubbles and Blossoomer next-gen characters I thought up, plus Katy-Gorl for inspiring me to bring her Butchubbles and Blossoomer kids to my Team Xtreme universe, and even CottonCandyGrl1969 for inspiring me to bring her Blossutch daughters to my Team Xtreme universe. You have managed to make me excited to draw the next-gen Brickercup, Blossoomer, Butchubbles, Blossutch, and Butchubbles characters more often. I also cannot begin to thank the likes of YANN-X and 04jh1911 for making me completely invested in Disney Slash Couples, especially my most favorite one being Kocoum x Tarzan. You guys are the very reasons why I continue to be fascinated with couples like these. Speaking of which, I am also very thankful for Khialat and TXToonGuy1037 for inspiring me to continue rooting for Arnold x Phoebe as a couple and I hope to continue drawing more Arnold x Phoebe fanart more often. Coming from someone who has a love-hate relationship with Inuyasha, Bleach, and Naruto, I would love to thank RivaAnime for her awesome motivational posters, as I can totally agree with her statements and give me many reasons why I love Inuyasha x Ayame more than Inuyasha x Kagome and maybe Inuyasha x Kikyou. I also have to thank teacupballerina for her awesome pieces of AkuBloss work and for eventually getting me fascinated with this weird yet wonderful pairing. So, Teacup, I wish you a lot more awesome moments as an artist and more wonderful pieces of work coming from you. And as for the many other artists, I forgot to mention on here, I just want to say thank you all for a year of inspiration, enlightenment, passion, and fun on DeviantArt. I also love to thank the many people who have left constructive criticism on my work, as I need them more than anything to keep growing. You all deserve a lot of love, joy, excellence, and brilliance in everything you do. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and thanks for taking the time to view this written entry. Don’t forget, if you enjoy the fanart and the written entries I have to offer, please don’t forget to follow me and I will see you all in the flipside. Take care and have a great spring.

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Another Great Gift from a Fine Friend/Fan/Follower

Well, look what I got in the mail just a couple of days ago. My very dear friend, DeviantArt follower, and fan of my artwork, Daniel D. Roberts aka JekyllAndHydeChannel, has sent me another set of lovely gifts. I know these were intended to be open on Valentine’s Day, but because of my academic priorities and my insane schedule both on- and offline, I saw it fit to open them up and I was really blessed.   Daniel gave me a really cute bronze shark with his initials and a Dash from Pixar’s “The Incredibles” tattoo, which was a wonderful gesture from his side.   So, Daniel, thanks so much for not only these lovely presents but also for your undying support, unconditional kindness, and passion when it comes to your favorite cartoons. Continue to be as great as you are and I also thank you for being one of my 99 DeviantArt watchers. Don’t forget to also stay tuned tomorrow for my final Butchubbles fan art submission, which is part of my sister from another mother’s, BrickercupMasterX3’s, annual Butchubbles Month. Blessed be and I will see you on the flipside.

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Christmas Gratitude and Joy

I know I have not been completely active on DeviantArt as of late, as I have some pending Brickercup and Blossoomer Next-Gen Month submissions that I really have to take care of. Moreover, it is not really that easy to juggle my stint as an online reviewer, an artist who specializes in mainly Rowdyruff x Powerpuff fanart, thus making them join forces in my headcanon as Team Xtreme, and a student who has his eyes on specializing in Linguistics, Literature, and the Arts in university, given the fact that it is the Red Ribbon Reviewers Month in observation of AIDS Awareness. However, I just want to spend this moment to thank a fine fellow artist, a staunch supporter, and a wonderful friend of mine named Daniel Roberts aka JekyllAndHydeChannel for not only the lovely Christmas gifts he gave to me but for everything he is as a friend and a fan of my fanart and works in general. Now, I am fully aware that there were instructions that I should not open this until Christmas, but there were a few reasons why I had to take immediate action. One is the fact that I will be spending my Christmas break in the Philippines and Hong Kong with my family. It has been five years since I last set foot in Cebu the place where I spent the majority of my life and I firmly believe it is ample time to see my paternal grandmother once again after all of those years. So, waiting until Christmas to open the present was completely out of the question. Two is just plain curiosity. I sort of knew in the back of my mind that the gifts were going to be animation related and my guess was right. So, Daniel, I know I ended up opening these gifts before Christmas but with all of the things that are happening in my life right now, especially my upcoming trip to Cebu and Hong Kong, could you blame me for opening these ahead of time? Still, I want to thank you so much for being so thoughtful and kind and I am eternally grateful for everything you are and all that you have done so far. Going to gifts I have to say that these are really adorable. The blue samurai action figure seems pretty familiar to me but my memory of this particular is really fuzzy. The Cleo stuffed toy is simply put really lovely, as she is one of my favorite Disney animal characters and I am pretty sure she could be useful for stress relief, especially since my A-Level exams are underway. In terms of my experience with the animated show “Braceface”, it is an okay show. Is it better than let’s say “As Told by Ginger” or “Kim Possible”? Not by a long shot, but it is enjoyable on some occasions. I caught snippets of this show when I was tuning into the Disney Channel in Hawaii with my parents as a thirteen-year-old boy, but it never really grew on me too much in spite of its quirky charm. Finally, the little note Daniel wrote was really kind and encouraging in its own special way and I will always cherish it. So, there you have it, my gifts from a very fine person who has always been supportive during my time on DeviantArt. And Daniel, I also wish you a very blessed, happy, and wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year. Thank you for your support, your openness, and your passion. Keep on being a unique and brilliant young man, may you spend your holidays with joy and delight, and I wish you, your family, and friends a lot of love, euphoria, and peace in this holiday season. Take care, my friend.

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My 500 YouTube Subscriber Milestone (Oh, Happy Day!)

Guess who just reached the 500 subscriber mark? Yes, at this point I am not only euphoric but also utterly blessed. I would love to thank my awesome artist friends, Katelyn Jewel and Ross Gerson, for the awesome work they did for my channel avatar and banner respectively, all of my great reviewer, singer, actor, voice actor, entertainer, and artist friends, all of my family members, my school colleagues and teachers from past to present, and everyone else who is important in my life. If you wanna support my channel and what I have to offer in terms of content, please do subscribe as you are all invited to my channel. Thanks again and Happy Advent.

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