The Brickubbles Flashbacks: Crushes and Breakups

This is today’s Brickubbles month submission, as heralded by my dear friend and fellow DeviantArtist BrickercupMasterX3, which I know I was supposed to submit yesterday, but I was super busy with my Blossutch fanart, so I do apologize for the delay. So, I hope you all enjoy this submission because today we are having another Brickubbles Flashback with these two close friends in High School and something tells me that teen melodrama is about to set afoot. And what other pairing do I see here? Why it’s none other than my most favorite and the healthiest of the color-coded pairings Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles). Also featured in this flashback are Floyd and Lloyd Floyjodson, Mitch Mitchelson, Harry Pitt, Mike Believe, and Elmer Sglue who, in turn, serve as Boomer’s best friends as well as his bandmates with them respectively being on the saxophones, the drums, the bass, the keyboard, and the synthesizer. They serve a purpose, as Boomer is going to be singing something. There’s also a hint of Mitch/Princess, some implied Blossick and Butchercup, and some implied Brickercup, Blossutch Robike, Bunnitch, and PittBean, but you will have to read for yourself what happens to them. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
This Brickubbles Flashback takes place between the tail-end of the tenth grade and summer break all in 2009, where Brick, Floyd, Lloyd, Mitch, Harry, and Boomer were sixteen and then turned seventeen, Mike and Elmer were fifteen going on sixteen, and Bubbles was fifteen.
Think back to a time when you were a teenager. Those meant a lot of things like finding yourself, being in a relationship, knowing who your best friends are, all the classes you have to take in school, plans you have to make for college, breakups in a relationship etcetera, etcetera. I’m also sure that being a teenager also meant doing pretty stupid things because of whatever reason, which will end up being regretted later in life. Now in terms of being in a relationship, there’s no doubt that you had that one friend who stuck by your side through thick and thin and you had another who was not only so close to you as a really good friend but has somehow become your boyfriend or your girlfriend. The question is, how would you feel about that first choice of that said friend who stuck by your side through thick and thin? Submitted for the approval of the Brickubbles Flashbacks I call this story Crushes and Breakups.
As always, we have our dear friends, Brick and Bubbles, to tell this story of their adolescence.
Brick and Bubbles: Thanks, Antoni!
Brick: Hey, Bubs, check this out.
Bubbles: What is it, Brick?
Brick (shows Bubbles his old basketball attire): Remember the time in High School I used to play for the varsity team in basketball?
Bubbles: Yeah, you and Butch were the MVPs and I was a cheerleader alongside Bunny, Princess, Robin, Julie Bean, Julie Smith, Susie, Kristen, and Clara. I could still remember parts of our chant. (Bubbles excitedly does her cheer dance routine.)
Townsville Tigers are on the prowl.
We won’t rest until we growl.
Gooooooo TIGERS!!!!!
Brick: You still got it in you, Bubs. I also remember the school colors by heart. Red for valor, courage, and strength and gold for wealth, leadership, and victory.
(Brick and Bubbles sigh longingly.)
Brick: And who could ever forget the time you had a crush on me?
Bubbles: Well, you were the most popular guy in school, Butch and Buttercup were the most athletic, Boomie was the most talented, Bloss was the one with the most duties, and Bunny and I were the most artistic.
Brick: True. Let’s also not forget you were still dating Boom Boom at the time.
Bubbles: Yeah, that was true. Boy, I did get myself into such a big pickle.
Brick: Bubs, trust me you were not the only one.
(Flashback to the summer of 2009 begins. The then sixteen-going-on-seventeen-year-old Brick is shooting some hoops and doing general basketball practice with his teammates Butch, Boomer, Mitch, Floyd, Lloyd, and Harry. While Bubbles is doing cheerleading practice with Bunny, Princess, Robin, Julie Bean, Julie Smith, Susie, Kristen, and Clara.)
Boomer: Hey, Mitch, I’m open!
(Mitch passes the basketball to Boomer who then proceeds to pass it to Butch. Finally Butch passes the ball to Brick who proceeds to make a slam dunk.)
Butch, Boomer, Mitch, Floyd, Lloyd, and Harry: WOOHOO! YEAH, BRICK!!!
Harry: Man, you always give the best slam dunks.
Butch: Yeah, we’re so gonna cream the Citysville Serpents’ ass-
Boomer: And have the winning cup!
Brick: You got that right, guys! We’re so gonna wing it in three weeks time!
(Cut to Bubbles, Bunny, Princess, Robin, Julie Bean, Julie Smith, Susie, Kristen, and Clara who are doing their cheerleading routine. Robin functions as the cheerleading captain.)
Robin: Okay, ladies, we got everything in sync.
Princess: I do concur. But don’t you think that our twirls were a bit off-timed?
Bunny: That’s why practice makes perfect, Princess.
Princess: I know that.
Robin: Well, looks like it’s a wrap today. Great job, ladies.
(Just as Bubbles and her cheerleading are about to depart the gymnasium, she stays and observes Brick and his basketball team practicing. Brick, Butch, Mitch, Floyd, Lloyd, Boomer, and Harry wrap up their practice. Brick then takes notice of Bubbles.)
Brick: Hey, Bubs, what’s happenin’?
(Bubbles stands petrified and enamored and is blushing. Her face is about to approach being as red as a tomato.)
Bubbles (thinking, as her inner monologue is at a speedy rate complete with her trademark squeaky voice when she gets excited and her face is turning as red as ever): Oh my gosh! Brick is such a hottie! A hunk! A god! Oh, those muscles of his! He and his bros have clearly been working out! That long orange hair tied in a ponytail! The way he holds that basketball! What am I saying?! He’s my childhood friend alongside Butch and Boomie’s been my boyfriend since like ever! I can’t like him! He’s with Bloss! She’d hate me forever for falling in love with him! And I can’t lose my Boomie either! He’d hate me for liking him too. WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! WHAT AM I GONNA SAY?!
Bubbles (faintly): Uh…Hi.
(Bubbles faints.)
Boomer: Bubbles.
Bunny: Bubbles.
Robin: Are you okay?
(Bubbles opens her eyes to see Boomer, Bunny, Robin, Princess, Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Harry circling around her.)
Bubbles: Wh-what just happened?
Princess: Well, sweetheart, you apparently fainted after you saw who apparently had to be your cobalt blue-eyed prince practicing alongside his red-eyed royal highness, the forest green-eyed warlord and the other loyal vassals. Unless I’m misinterpreting the whole affair. Seriously, Bubbles, could you be any more overdramatic than you already are?
Bubbles: Uh…I gotta go. Bunny let’s go home now.
Bunny: Got it, Bubs.
(Bubbles and Bunny dash out of the gymnasium.)
Princess: Sheesh, what’s her problem?
(Robin nudges at Princess Morbucks.)
Princess: OW!
Robin: Princess!
Brick: I dunno. I just said hi and then BAM! she became as petrified as a tree.
Boomer: It couldn’t be anything I said.
Mitch: Of course not, Boom! You’re her prince after all.
Butch: Yeah, you’ve been digging each other since like ever, bro.
Boomer: Yeah.
Brick: Well, come on, guys, let’s hit the showers.
Princess: By the way, Mitchie, I’ll be waiting for you. We have our little session to catch up on.
Mitch (in a bored tone): Yes, Princess.
(They depart from the gymnasium.)
Bubbles (voiceover): Was I in love with Brick? That was ridiculous. He’s just a good friend of mine and Boomie was always my Mr. Right. I just don’t know what to do. I’m feeling for Boomer but I can’t help but feel slightly for Brick. Something has to be done.
(Timeskip to Summer Break 2009 with Boomer, now seventeen, and Bubbles, still fifteen, taking a walk on Townsville Park.)
Bubbles (voiceover): The Townsville Tigers won against the Citysville Serpents. It was a super close match and I was really proud of Brick, Butch, Boomie and their other teammates. I was also happy to have been a member of the cheerleading squad and we managed to get our drill right with everything we’ve got. It’s just too bad that Brick broke up with Blossom and Butch broke up with Buttercup. I know I’m supposed to be happy that I still have Boomie by my side but something just didn’t feel right at all.
Boomer: Hey, Bubs, are you okay?
Bubbles: Yeah, Boomie. It’s just that something’s eating at me.
Boomer: What is it, Bubs?
Bubbles: Well, would you still love me even if I told you something that you wouldn’t like in the slightest?
Boomer: Bubbles, you know I’ve always been there for you. And obviously, we’re a Team Xtreme family we help out each other out. We’re always gonna have each others’ backs. Through thick and thin that’s one of our mottos.
Bubbles: I know that, Boomer. But…but…how would you feel if I told you that we can just be friends and still be part of that Team Xtreme family?
Boomer: What? Is there someone you’re seeing?
Bubbles: I don’t know, Boomer. I just don’t know. It’s just that I’ve been growing up with you, Butch, and Brick and we’ve gotten to know each other so well and set aside our differences from our Kindergarten years. And we’ve been growing tight as a team and…oh, Boom, I know it’s hard for me to say this but…
Boomer (about to be in tears): What is it, Bubbles?
Bubbles (about to well up): It’s just…it’s just that I think we should just be friends like we’ve always been.
Boomer: What? How can this be? I thought I was special. I thought I was your one and only.
Bubbles: Boomer, you know you’ve always been a great friend to me, BC, and Bloss. And now that Blossom has broken up with Brick, I think it would be nice if I went out with him and you and I can just stay really good friends.
Boomer: So, it’s all Brick’s fault, huh? Yeah, I would love to walk under his shadow every single time. He’s the best in everything! Was it something he said to you?
Bubbles: Boomer, it’s not his fault. You know that Brick has always been a good friend and he didn’t say anything to me to make me break up with you. It just happened. I had a huge crush on him. I liked him but I was so confused because he was going out with Blossom at the time but I couldn’t admit to him because I would ruin their relationship. They’d hate me. And Boomer, let’s also face it, things change. And I think that because we’ve been together so many times, I just think we need some more breathing space between us, you know? I’m so sorry you had to hear all of this.
(Boomer is now wearing a sad, tearful look on his face.)
Boomer: Oh, Bubbles, I wish I didn’t have to hear all that. Now, I’m gonna be all alone. I’m a wreck without you.
Bubbles: You’re a strong guy, Boomer. You’ve put up with Brick’s and Butch’s taunting and you showed them that you deserve more respect not just as a teammate but as a brother. You made me and my sisters strong with your kindness and generosity. You’re surrounded by great friends like Mitch, Harry, Elmer, Mike, Floyd, and Lloyd. And you know what, you’ve always been amazing at fighting monsters and defending us from bad guys. So, if you can survive those I’m sure you can survive this. Goodbye, Boomer.
(Bubbles flies off. Boomer is left alone at the park. He then sends a text message to Mitch, Floyd, Lloyd, Harry, Mike, and Elmer saying, “Let’s jam at my place.”)
(Team Xtreme music room. Boomer is setting up his lapel microphone, as Floyd and Lloyd are tuning their saxophones, Mitch is testing the drums, Harry is tuning his bass, Mike is preparing the keyboard, and Elmer is setting up the synthesizer.)
Mike: I’m so sorry Bubbles had to break up with you, Boom.
Harry: Yeah, you guys were such an awesome item.
Floyd and Lloyd: We were rooting for you, man.
Mitch: Yeah, it seems like lots of people are breaking up. Good thing I decided to say farewell and screw you to Miss Princess Morbucks. Sheesh! I can’t put up with that snooty, mightier and holier-than-thou, spoiled brat! Working for Mr. Morbucks as his caddy in golf and Mrs. Morbucks as her masseuse seemed a lot better than having to deal with her whining, bitching, moaning, and squealing! She even said to me that she wanted to call it quits because she had enough of my services! Services?! What the Hell, I was just trying to be a good boyfriend and then she thinks it’s just a damn fling! God, I was so freaking stupid to date her just because she was super rich and looked hot every time she came to school! Now that I think about it, she never looked hot, to begin with. And after she told me that, I spat on the ground and told her it was over and she gave me the queen mama of all slaps! I’m still feelin’ it, dudes. Well, at least Bunny is a hell lot nicer than Princess will ever be. I really should’ve tapped her ass. Ah, well, lesson learned, don’t date a girl just because she’s rich and thinks she’s hot when in fact, she’s not.
Elmer: Speaking of Bunny, yeah, we broke up too, but it’s just because we were not yet ready. At least, we ended on good terms. Commitment and I just don’t really function properly, but it’s okay, I would rather be in the company of you guys as my really great friends. Who knows maybe that girl will be around the corner.
Mike: Well, at least, I’m still going strong with Robin. She’s always been awesome and we’re most likely going to prom together next year.
Harry: Ditto, and I still got Julie Bean, who’s always gonna be my lady love.
Floyd: I’m kinda interested in Kristen.
Lloyd: And Clara seems kinda cute.
Boomer: You guys, can we just stop talking about ex-girlfriends, current girlfriends, and crushes and just get on with the damn song?!
Mitch: Oh, sorry, Boom.
Elmer: So, what are we gonna jam to today?
Boomer: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt. I wanna dedicate this song to you-know-who.
Mike: Oh, all right.
(Music cue: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt. Floyd, Lloyd, Harry, Mike, and Elmer play the opening chords, Mitch gives the beat, and Boomer starts to sing, though with tears in his eyes. During the song, there are some scenes of the other Team Xtreme members doing various activities, but it is obvious that there is no joy to be found in them.)
My life is brilliant
(Brick is in the Townsville basketball court shooting hoops and then missing. He then has a look of disappointment and walks away.)
My life is brilliant
My love is pure
I saw an angel
Of that I’m sure
(Blossom is in Team Xtreme Headquarters looking through prospective universities on her laptop while doing background research on a serial felon. She then hears noises in the Team Xtreme training room.)
She smiled at me on the subway
She was with another man
But I won’t lose no sleep on that
‘Cause I’ve got a plan
(Butch, topless, wearing forest green shorts, and in black boxing gloves, is in the Team Xtreme training room aggressively knocking down the punching bag in complete frustration and then breaks down. By complete chance, Blossom comes in to comfort him. He hugs her tightly, as he is crying.)
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful, it’s true
I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don’t know what to do
‘Cause I’ll never be with you
(Buttercup is in the park with her earphones and iPod jogging when she sees Brick walking home from the basketball court. She tries to talk to him but he does not want to talk to her. Buttercup then resumes her jogging.)
Yes, she caught my eye
As we walked on by
She could see from my face that I was
Flyin’ high
And I don’t think that I’ll see her again
But we shared a moment that will last till the end
(Bubbles is in her room rummaging through photos of her and Boomer together. She then breaks down in tears.)
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful, it’s true
I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don’t know what to do
‘Cause I’ll never be with you
(Bunny is about to adjust her hairstyle with a hair tie when she hears Bubbles’ crying. She enters her room and comforts her.)
Boomer, Floyd, Lloyd, Mitch, Harry, Mike, and Elmer:
La-la-la-la, la
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful, it’s true
There must be an angel with a smile on her face
When she thought up that I should be with you
But it’s time to face the truth
I will never be with you
(Brick is sitting alone and depressed at the bus stop when all of the sudden Bubbles arrives from the bus. She then spots him. Brick then stands up.)
Brick: Hey.
Bubbles: Hi.
Brick: I’m guessing you and Boomer went to Splitsville, right?
Bubbles: Yup, population ten. You and Bloss broke up. Butchie and BC split. I’m now separated from Boomie. What’s more is Bunny split with Elmer but they’re still okay as friends. Let’s also not forget that Mitch bade farewell to Princess. Probably the best decision he ever made.
Brick: Wow. Look at us. Two lonely souls in the same damn bus stop. And not having a clue where to go from here.
Bubbles: Brick, I wanna tell you something. I hope you’re ready to listen.
Brick: Bubs, you know I’m always all ears. I’ve been your good friend ever since we said screw you to our rivalry and hello alliance. You know damn well you can trust me.
Bubbles (sighs): I know. You see, we’ve been growing up together and you always helped me through thick and thin. You protected me from bullies, I protected you from thugs and monsters when they injured you, you once saved me from a fire, I saved you from both HIM and Mojo Jojo because they almost wanted to kill you and your brothers for failing them, and we’ve been helping each other out professionally, academically, and personally. Considering everything we went through together, don’t you think we can be more than just friends? After all, you and Blossom decided to be just teammates and okay friends and I broke up with Boomer. Now, there’s the both of us.
Brick: So, what you’re saying is there’s a chance for me and you to be a couple.
Bubbles: Well, yeah, I don’t see why not. I think we could work out well. Besides, the reason why I fainted at that time was I was so confused. You were going out with Blossom and I didn’t wanna hurt neither your nor my relationship with Boomer by saying that I was in love with you. It just happened. Don’t ask me why it just did.
Brick: I know how you feel. It must be too much just to bottle all that inside you. But you know what? I guess it’s worth a try. We both deserve second chances. And I think I know a place where we can have a date. I bet you remember that pier, right?
Bubbles: Yeah, the one with the amusement park, the fish burger restaurant, and the arcade. I think that would be a nice place for us to have our unofficial first date. Though that was also the place where Boomer and I went three years ago. We had fun, but that’s in the past.
Brick: Yeah and that was also the place where… I just wanna forget about it. So, what do you say? Saturday at the pier? It’s a week from now.
Bubbles: I say this.
(Bubbles kisses Brick on the lips and they hug each other.)
Bubbles: It’s a date, Brick. Looks like we’re an item now.
Brick: Don’t get your hopes up, Bubs. We’ll see where it all goes.
The now 24-year-old Bubbles: That was a stupid decision I made.
The now 26-year-old Brick: To this very day I can attest to that.
The now 24-year-old Bubbles: But we were young and naive.
The now 26-year-old Brick: It was just puppy love in the wrong place and at the wrong time.
Brick and Bubbles: To be continued next flashback.
For now, I declare this meeting of The Brickubbles Flashbacks closed. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the High School flashback where everything will be resolved. See you on the next Brickubbles month submission.
Goodness was in the making for the longest time. I was figuratively banging my head trying to find out how Brick’s and Bubbles’ high school life was going to be like. Considering Brick was her close friend, Butch was her really good friend, and Boomer was her boyfriend, something had to happen to make this not too overwrought nor too stale. Blame it on a lot of the As Told by Ginger episodes I have been rewatching, as it is definitely a bedrock of what great animated shows starring tweens and teens should be, at least in my opinion.
Moreover, in terms of Boomer’s torch song dedicated to Bubbles after they broke up, I thought that James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful would be a good match for someone as sympathetic as Boomer. I also imagined that that’s what Boomer’s vocal timbre, emission, and production were going to sound like, as I envisioned his singing voice to be that of a high lyric tenor and this song would fit the tessitura or the range like a glove. Do pardon the music jargon I have used, as I am also not just passionate about music but I also happen to be an online music reviewer who mostly specializes in opera, chamber music, musicals, the occasional modern music, and concert music. So, of course, I have to bear some knowledge of the terminology.
I also hope you enjoy James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful and maybe you can imagine Boomer singing this, as well. This was also a song I listened to when I was thirteen years old and I love it to this very day. So, with that said, have a great summer.
Brick, Boomer, Mitch, Floyd, Lloyd, Harry, Mike, Elmer, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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