Skirmishes and Victory Roars drawn by me

This piece of Blossutch fanart is dedicated to NinSega who celebrated his birthday yesterday. So, Nisaar, I hope you had a very wonderful birthday and I hope you enjoy this picture and this overall post. I would also love to dedicate this to all of my fellow Blossutch shippers, so do enjoy this post as well, you guys!
Man, I can’t get enough of Blossutch, can I. There’s always something so appealing about having a brawny beast like Butch pair up with a brainy belle like Blossom and it’s super interesting. Heck, I would go out of my way and say that I love this more than Blossick and Butchercup combined, hence that’s why I am a hardcore Blossutch and Brickercup shipper.
Here we have Butch and Blossom showing why one should never mess with this brawn-and-beauty couple and the answer should be rather obvious.
Narrator: The City of Townsville. And what a pleasant late afternoon for Team Xtreme’s most awesome power couples. Brick and Buttercup are swimming in the ocean. Boomer and Bubbles are jogging in the park. And Butch and Blossom have just finished their outdoor Muay Thai training. Let’s not forget about their children who are spending time with their grandparents. Blaze, Brent, Brooke, Bailey, and Barley are with Mr. Green and Mrs. Bellum Green, while Brendan, Blake, Belle, Brittany, and Birdie are with Professor Utonium and Mrs. Keane-Utonium. We now join our fabulous brawn-and-brain couple who has some plans after their training.
Blossom: So, Butch, what do you feel like having tonight? We can make chicken stir-fry and summer rolls if you’re up for it.
Butch: Sounds great, Bloss. I’m in the mood for that. Especially after our training. Man, that was intense.
Blossom: Indeed. I have to say that your punches and kicks manage to be as forceful as ever, you big stud.
Butch (chuckles): Well, your different types of kicks are to die for, babe.
(Butch tickles Blossom.)
Blossom (laughing): Oh, Butch, stop.
Narrator: How adorable. But, what’s this? It looks like there are some thugs following Butch and Blossom and they especially want the latter.
(As Butch and Blossom continue to walk, the thugs luridly approach Blossom. Two of them are huge and bulky. One is wearing a grey shirt, black pants, combat boots, and is a brown-skinned skinhead while the other is bigger than the former with fair skin, reddish-brown hair, a white shirt, blue jeans, and a blue-green hat. The other two thugs are smaller in stature and paler in skin color with one wearing a purple mohawk and the other having strawberry-blonde hair.)
Mohawk Thug: Hey, cutie pie. You look so fine tonight.
Strawberry-Blonde Thugh: Yeah, I would love to go down your short shorts.
Skinhead Thug (to Butch): You better step aside, buster.
Green-Blue Hat Thug: Because this fine piece of meat is gonna be ours.
Blossom: I am not going to be yours tonight. And that gentleman you just called buster is my husband. Now leave us alone.
(Blossom punches the Mohawk Thug.)
Mohawk Thug: Oooh, you feisty. I love ’em that way.
Blossom: Butch, show these goons your muscles so that they’ll know who they’re dealing with.
Butch: Roger that, Blossom.
(Butch raises his arms, flexes his biceps, and emits a lion’s roar.)
Butch: ROAR!!!
Strawberry-Blonde Thug (sardonically): Oooh, I’m scared. The big, scary husband has such well-shaped muscles. Well, you ain’t the only one.
(The strawberry-blonde thug signals the green-blue hat thug and the skinhead thug to come over. In response to Butch’s bicep flexing, the two bulky thugs do the most muscular pose.)
Skinhead Thug: Think you can take us down, tiny?
(Butch is doing the most muscular pose.)
Butch: Bring it on, bastards.
Strawberry-Blonde Thug (pulls out a knife): I’m gonna enjoy going down your pussy, Little Miss Pink and Red.
Blossom: My private parts are not for your taking. HIYA!!!!
(With that Blossom gives the strawberry-blonde thug a powerful uppercut making him drop the knife and losing a couple of teeth.)
Blossom: HA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! HYAH! HWAH!!!!
(Blossom proceeds to deliver a barrage of punches to the strawberry-blonde thug’s abdominal area, a headbutt, and a roundhouse kick to the right cheek. By surprise, the bulky thug with the blue-green hat approaches Blossom, grabs her by the head, and slams her to the wall.)
Butch: BLOSS!!!
Mohawk Thug: Look behind you! (pulls out his knife) HYAH!
(Butch dodges the mohawk thug’s knife attack and counters it by holding him in a chokehold with his left hand, thus dropping the knife.)
Butch (with intense anger in his eyes): You think you can attack me and my wife, huh, loser. Grrrrr…
(Butch tightens his grip, as the Mohawk thug is gasping for air. Meanwhile, Blossom is recovering from the bulky green-blue hat wearing thug’s slam attack, as she regains consciousness.)
Blossom: You know you shouldn’t do that to a woman. Now you’re gonna pay. HWAH! YAH! TAH! RAH! GRAH!
(Blossom delivers a barrage of punches to the bulky green-blue hat wearing thug, thus making him lose his teeth and spew some blood in the process.)
(She then knocks him out cold.)
Blossom: You were never any match for me, cretin.
(Back to Butch, he still has the Mohawk thug under his forceful chokehold and slams him to the ground.)
Butch: That’ll teach ya.
(The huge skinhead thug surprise Butch with a bearhug.)
Skinhead Thug: Grrrrrr…Hahahaha…Now, I’m gonna squeeze the life out of you, tiny.
Butch: Ngh…Ngh…Not if I knock you out first. Haaaa…RAH!!!!!
(With that, Butch gives the huge skinhead thug a forceful headbutt and an elbow to the cheek.)
Butch: Hope you’re prepared for your punishment, ya neanderthal.
Skinhead Thug: Bring it on, tiny.
(Butch delivers a roundhouse kick, a barrage of punches, two karate chops on the neck, a hook, a jab, and an uppercut to the huge skinhead thug.)
(The huge skinhead thug retaliates by bludgeoning Butch with his massive fists and arms. After that, the skinhead thug gets himself into a Greco-Roman wrestling stance with his fingers cracking, as Butch rapidly recovers.)
Butch: So, you wanna wrestle, do ya. Well, that could be arranged. Grrrrr…
(Butch gets himself into his wrestling stance. The two males circle around each other like big cats on a prowl and they charge to each other grasping each others’ hands. Their muscles writhe, as they wrestle each other to the ground while releasing a series of grunts. Butch finds himself at the bottom of the huge skinhead thug, as he is about to choke him with one hand. Butch struggles to get the thug’s hand away from his throat. Blossom rushes over to aid Butch.)
Blossom: Butch! (to the skinhead thug pounding on his back) Get away from him, you creep.
Butch: No, Bloss! Let me take care of this freaking mammoth.
(Without a second thought, the huge skinhead thug elbows Blossom, as she falls to the ground with a thud.)
Butch: BLOSSOM! GrrrrAAAAHH!!!!!
(Just by seeing what that thug did, Butch gets the upper hand and ascends. He and the huge skinhead thug are kneeling, as Butch has his right arm on the thug’s throat and his left hand on his head.)
Butch: Say hi to HIM for me, you big, ugly brute!
(With those words, Butch breaks the huge skinhead thug’s neck and he falls consciously to the ground. However, he’s not dead yet, as he and the other thugs recover from their attacks. Butch and Blossom then stand together.)
Skinhead Thug: We ain’t finished with you yet, tiny.
Butch: Oh, I believe you’re wrong, my friend.
(Butch is wearing an angry, fierce look on his face. He slowly raises his arms, flexes his biceps, and delivers an earth-shattering, bellowing, massive, and thunderous bull’s roar enough to shake the earth extremely reminiscent of Jerry’s roar from The Milky Waif.)
(The thugs then scamper, scurry, and scramble away into different directions. After that, Blossom is also wearing an angry, fierce look on her face. She then raises her left arm, slaps her right hand on her left bicep, and unleashes a thundering victory cry of a warrior.)
Blossom: HAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!
(Butch’s and Blossom’s eyes dart to each other. They approach each other growling like two lions on the prowl, as they also circle each other. Their bodies make close contact, as Blossom sniffs at Butch.)
Blossom: Such a strong scent you have, honey. I love it.
(Butch sniffs at Blossom.)
Butch: You smell very nice too, darling.
(The two continue to growl. Blossom touches Butch’s abs, chest, shoulders, and biceps, as they contract, he twitches and clenches his teeth, and flexes his biceps for Blossom.)
Butch: You always like what you see, huh, Bloss.
Blossom. Of course. And since you’re feeling tense at this moment…
(Butch puts his biceps down, as he continues to twitch. Blossom pulls Butch towards her. Butch then envelops his arms to Blossom and they kiss very passionately, thus feeling each other and having their moment of intimacy in a street of all places.)
Narrator: Uh…Butch, Blossom…I know this is a bad time for me to say this and I know it’s already nighttime…but…uh…shouldn’t you two do it somewhere else.
(Butch and Blossom break their intimate kiss, as they realize they have been doing it on the street.)
Blossom: Well, I guess we must have been carried away.
(Butch approaches Blossom whimpering like a dog and wants another kissing session with her. Blossom ruffles his hair and tries to calm him down.)
Blossom: Butchie, darling. I know you want me so badly. Tell you what. Let’s go back to Team Xtreme Headquarters and take up where we left off after we get cleaned up. Is that all right with you?
(Butch pants like a dog similar to how he pants in The Boys are Back in Town before Brick announces that they are going to play Rollerbrawl.)
Blossom: I know you would love it. Yes, you do, my dearest darling, Butchie!
(As she is saying this, she ruffles his hair and Butch continues to act like a dog before standing up to carry Blossom onto his back.)
Butch: Well, what are we waiting for Blossy? Let’s amscray!
(With that, Butch blasts off like a jet with Blossom on his back.)
Narrator: Well, that was intense, to say the least. So, once again the day is saved! Thanks to Butch and Bloss-
(Butch and Blossom are making out on their bed.)
Narrator (nervously): Oh uh… Oh, dear…
Blossom: Do you mind?
Butch: We’re having a moment here.
Narrator: Oh, sorry to disturb you two. Do proceed. Well, goodnight everybody!
So, remember kids and kids at heart. Cross swords with this beastly brawn-and-brainy beauty couple and you might have the beating of a lifetime by their hands.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this Blossutch post. Until then, see you all on the flipside.
Butch and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.
The four thugs belong to me.

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