My Weight Loss Progress The November Edition

Happy First Week of Advent, everybody, Antoni here with another -ber month weight loss update. This is the third -ber month, university has come in full swing once again, despite it being another digital semester, but at least I am still on my grind.

I started November weighing in at 13 stone 1.21 lbs (183.21 lbs or 83.1 kg). I have ended this -ber month weighing at 12 stone 11.46 lbs (179.46 lbs or 81.4 kg). This means I have lost 3.75 lbs (1.7 kg) throughout this month. It may not be the biggest monthly weight loss I have done, but I realized the fringe benefits. From September to November, I have managed to lose 1 stone 4.3 lbs (18.3 lbs or 8.3 kg), which means I am 2.7 lbs (1.225 kg) near my stone-and-a-half (21-lb or 9.525-kg) weight loss goal. Furthermore, even though I continue to not be classified as obese anymore according to my current BMI of 28.5, I still have a long way to go until I get to a much healthier weight range. I now have between 1 stone 11.05 lbs (22.05 lbs or 10 kg) to 3 stone 11.57 lbs (53.57 lbs or 24.3 kg) of excess weight to go, but I am more than willing to make sure that the skinny life shall be led.

I do not want to rest on my laurels because I have to remind myself that any weight lost is much better than any weight regained. Furthermore, I want to continue setting an example to my nieces and nephews that being healthy, independent, and feeling great about yourself is the way to go. I knew what it was like being obese and I do not recommend ending up that size. I will continue to motivate myself and I will do my best to keep the weight off for the rest of my natural life.

I am really happy that I got this far in my weight loss in a matter of over two months and I am really excited for December. Have a most blessed Advent, everybody.

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