The Prelude to My November Weight Loss Goals

Happy All Saints’ Day, everybody. Here it is, the third -ber month, and I started off quite well by going from 13 stone 1.65 lbs down to 13 stone 1.21 lbs (183.65 lbs to 183.21 lbs or 83.3 kg to 83.1 kg), which means that I have at least managed to lose 7.04 ounces or 200 grams of my weight. It may not be the greatest launching pad for this month’s weight loss journey, but this is the impetus for me to not let my determination waver because I want and need to ensure that I lead a healthy and prosperous life free from inhibitions. Furthermore, my BMI has at least shrunk down to 29.1, which is still on the overweight side though I can only go onwards and upwards from here.

My goal by the end of this month is to be below 12 stone 8.37 lbs (176.37 lbs or 80 kg). It is going to be a challenging, but I am willing to accept hitting that target weight with every bit of will power I have. Even if I were to only manage lose 5 pounds or 2.27 kilograms of my weight by the end of this month, I always believe that any weight that is lost is better than any weight regained. Even with the second lockdown coming into full swing in the duration of this month, I want to keep persevering not only for my nieces, nephews, role models, parents, uncles, aunties, friends, and younger siblings, but mainly for me, as I do not deserve to live sedentarily. I need to live as bravely and confidently as possible and losing weight is what will enable me to enjoy my life, my career, and my grand prospects to the fullest.

Let the great yet rocky work of November commence with all of its vertigoes and its insanities before the holidays arrive. My motivation will never stumble or quaver in the slightest iota. Have a most blessed and reflective All Saints’ Day.

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