My Top 13 OTPs from Western Animation

Happy New Year, ladies, gentlemen, and readers of all ages. I know I have not submitted as much Brickercup month and Blossoomer Next-Gen month fanart as I should have but real life with spending time with my family has been getting in the way as well as some career paths I have to solidify before and once I get to university. However, as you can tell from the title and even though I have been doing this several times, I want to share with you the OTP pairings I have from each cartoon from either Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel or any of the animated films I have watched.

Here are some rules. Only one pairing or one set of pairings per franchise and do expect some tied entries.

With that said, let us begin.

13. Chase Young x Kimiko Tohomiko (Xiaolin Showdown)
Out of all the couples I adore from Xiaolin Showdown such as Raimundo x Katnappe, Clay x Dyris and my personal favorite crossover couples Jack Spicer x Princess Morbucks and Omi x Julie Smith, this has to be my most favorite. Chase’s cool, calm, dangerous, collected, and calculating personality is a perfect match to Kimiko’s feistiness, spark, and vivacity. There is a spicy love-hate relationship that can occur between these two especially when it comes to their sense of wit and sharpness as characters. With that said love-hate relationship, comes an unparalleled intimacy that only these two can effectively pull off not only because they look sexy and attractive together but also because of how well these two could easily click.

12. Kitty x Bunny from Courage the Cowardly Dog
Ah, “The Mask” from Courage the Cowardly Dog. One of the most poignant, raw, and, dare I say, most beautiful episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog. My main reason for loving that episode is because of these two lovely female protagonists, Kitty and Bunny. Kitty had to go through Hell and back to find her beloved best friend, Bunny, and Bunny found herself in the abusive hands of the vicious and cruel Mad Dog. Having to witness their tragic backstories made me root for Courage to get these two back together again. Kitty’s and Bunny’s final moment together on the train made me want to root for them as a legitimate lesbian couple all the way through. Sure, there are other Courage couples I support like Courage x Shirley the Medium and the ever-so-canon Eustace Bagge x Muriel Bagge, but Kitty x Bunny is the deal-sealer when it comes to their overall chemistry and the lengths these two have to go through with Courage’s help to be reunited.

11. Jake x Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time
Out of all the couples from “Adventure Time” that I enjoy, this is the one canon couple I have a lot of passion for. Jake and Lady Rainicorn are really sweet together because of their interactions. It also helps that John DiMaggio and Niki Yang emit their superb voice acting chops to bring these wonderful characters to life. Combining Jake’s laid-back, fun-loving attitude with Lady Rainicorn’s innocence and lovability is pure genius and to make this couple more interesting while Jake speaks mainly in English, Lady Rainicorn speaks in Korean, thus making the linguistic dynamics between these two all the more enjoyable to witness, as their barriers will always be broken down. When all is said and done, the genuineness and the sweetness emitted from both Jake and Lady Rainicorn are nothing short of lovely.

10. Gumball x Penny from The Amazing World of Gumball
This is probably one of the sweetest couples to come out from this weird yet wonderful show. As much as I am a staunch supporter of Richard x Nicole as a canon married couple and parents to Gumball, Darwin, and Anais, Gumball x Penny has something genuine and sweet. What began as a sort of schoolboy crush on Gumball’s side and cute admiration on Penny’s side turned into something more profound in the episode “The Shell” in which my love for this tween couple is further solidified.

9. Arnold Shortman x Phoebe Heyerdahl from Hey Arnold!
Yeah, I know the Arnold x Helga and Gerald x Phoebe shippers are going to be out for my blood and will whine and moan at me that these two couples are canon, but I say screw it all, I have been a loyal Arnold x Phoebe shipper ever since I was seven or eight years old and I am never going to let go of my all-time beloved Hey Arnold OTP. Oh sure, I do love the spice found in Gerald x Rhonda, the genuineness found in Harold x Patty, the cuteness found in both Stinky x Sheena and Sid x Nadine, the interest found in Alan x Helga, and the outlandish lovability found in Grandpa Phil x Grandma Gertie, but Arnold x Phoebe has something special for me. It could be the undeniable fact that Arnold is really well-rounded, idealistic, and helpful to others and Phoebe is mainly book smart and meek to a fault. It could be that they are thoroughly intelligent and savvy individuals who can click so superbly with each other. Moreover, it could be the fact that I see this as the couple that is the definition of it needs more love. I always loved their interactions in “Best Friends”, “Gerald’s Tonsils”, and, of course, “Phoebe’s Little Problem”, as I felt like their relationship was genuine and natural. Ergo, I love Arnold x Phoebe as a couple because of their similarities, their charm, and just how unpretentious they are not only as individuals but also as a pair and I am glad to have made them married in my headcanon.

8. Carl Foutley x Noelle Sussmann from As Told By Ginger
I swear that these lovably adorkable oddballs click superbly with each other the moment I saw them on screen. In my opinion, Carl x Noelle trumps the absolute heck out of Darren x Ginger, Dr. Dave x Lois Foutley, and Hoodsey x Macie because of how natural and unforced Carl’s and Noelle’s relationship is. Sure, on the outside, both Carl and Noelle are unorthodox in their ways and they are really odd in terms of their tastes, but if you look deep down, you would realize that these two are smart in their special ways and they have a certain savviness to them that makes them all the more lovable as a couple as well as individuals. Carl’s levelheadedness and Noelle’s outlandishness make them mesh as a couple superbly and for that, I am going to be a proud Carl x Noelle shipper for life.

7. Aang x Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender
I may be a huge Sokka x Suki, Zuko x Mai, Chan x Azula, and Jet x Ty Lee shipper, but Aang x Katara or KatAang is the major deal-sealer from one of the best Nicktoons of all time. As someone who is a hardcore fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I have seen Aang and Katara grow as characters and as a couple throughout the series. What started out as a sort of mentor-student relationship between Katara and Aang grew into something more tangible and more palpable, as they grow closer as a couple. As a 26-year-old man, I have learned to be more open with this relationship because I have seen just how well and how strong both Aang and Katara grew not only as individuals but also as a couple. Now that is true, genuine relationship goals right there. The undying support Aang and Katara provide and show for each other is enough for me to give this couple the green light for everything they represent.

6. Casey Jones x Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003
I know a lot of Casey x April shippers are going to blow their tops off when they see this, but I say hear me out. I have always preferred the 2003 version of both Casey and Raph the most, as their brand of Brooklyn rage and spice make them all the more lovable in their own ways. Even as a twelve-year-old boy back in 2004 when I first watched “Meet Casey Jones”, I thoroughly enjoyed Casey’s and Raph’s chemistry, as I subconsciously shipped them as an awesome gay couple. What makes me ship Casey and Raph as a couple is basically due to their strong personalities, their hot-headedness, and their hot and spicy chemistry. I see this as a sort of love-hate relationship that never gets boring whatsoever. Their routine would go along the lines of kicking butt one moment and having their moment of unbridled intimacy after all of that physical work the next. So, for being unorthodox in the relationship yet being really interesting and fun, Casey x Raph or Rasey is here to stay for good and for all.

5. Namontack x Basuli and Kocoum x Tarzan from Disney
Ah, two of my most beloved Disney Male Slash OTPs of all time! What would happen if you had two Native American warrior hunk BFFs of the Powhatan tribe in the forms of Namontack and Kocoum from “Pocahontas” pair up with two jungle warrior hunk brothers of Africa in the forms of Basuli and Tarzan from “The Legend of Tarzan”? You would get the hottest crossover couples to grace the Disney animated world. I know I made this clear in my Top 5 Disney Male Slash OTPs of all time, but I will gladly reiterate as to why I love Namontack x Basuli and Kocoum x Tarzan so much.

In terms of Namontack x Basuli, I am a huge sucker of pairing up two muscular, jacked men as a couple and Namontack and Basuli are no exception. I see Namontack as the dominant, stern, warlike partner with a soft side and Basuli as the headstrong, energetic submissive partner who is just as strong and handsome as Namontack. Plus, I could see Namontack and Basuli flexing their muscles for each other and complimenting each others’ strength and magnificent bodybuilder physiques, as their pecs and biceps touch each other in ways they can never imagine.

On the flipside, we have Kocoum x Tarzan as another hot, sexy gay couple. I cherish Kocoum x Tarzan as a couple because of just how plausible it can be what with Kocoum dropping his defenses to feel more at ease with someone as wild yet emphatic as Tarzan and Tarzan admiring everything about Kocoum in terms of his skills as a warrior and seeing someone who can be tender as a person. I could even see Kocoum and Tarzan admiring each others’ physiques as they flex their muscles for each other and make sweet, tender love to each other.

Overall, Namontack x Basuli and Kocoum x Tarzan are two sexy, hunky, muscular Disney male slash OTPs I will staunchly support until I wither. Moreover, I will be always grateful for the likes of YANN-X and 04jh1911 for making my love of Disney Male Slash couples fully realized, especially when I ship Namontack and Basuli as a couple consisting of two handsome, muscular hunks and Kocoum and Tarzan as a couple consisting of muscular, sexy hotties of warriors.

4. Ron Stoppable x Kim Possible from Kim Possible
I have always appreciated every single moment when they are together on missions, everyday school life, and even their couple-sealing moment in “So the Drama”. Having their relationship grow from being childhood best friends to partners in crimefighting to an official is something that fascinates me so much about Ron and Kim. Super mad props have to go to Will Friedle and Christy Carlson Romano for their superb vocal chemistry as these lead characters. Sure, Ron’s goofiness initially peeved me as a tween and teen because it seems to be a part of a trope that I am not really a fan of when it comes to shows revolving around a female protagonist where some of the males act goofy beyond belief, but now as an adult, I have learned to fully embrace Ron’s adorkable, boy-next-door charm as it compliments perfectly with Kim’s savviness and overall well-roundedness. Everything about Ron and Kim as a couple just spells loyalty, allegiance, genuineness, respect, and finding common ground in spite of all the differences.

3. Jack x Ashi from Samurai Jack
All right, so this couple ended up being a thing a year ago when Samurai Jack was resurrected to obtain the closure it completely and utterly deserved. Yes, Jack and Ashi ended up becoming a couple in an almost rushed manner, but if I were to take away that nitpick, I would say that their growth as individuals really shine all the way through to the point where I can forgive that rushed element and ship them as a wonderful couple, thus making that kissing scene with Dean Martin’s “Everybody Loves Somebody” playing in the background that one moment where my fanboy side said, “Please ship Jack x Ashi from here to eternity! You will not regret it!” And I never regretted it ever since. What makes me love Jack x Ashi as a couple is mainly due to the hardships these two have endured and endured they certainly have. Jack’s unwavering resolve to go back to the past after having to go through so much personal Hell and Ashi’s will to escape her tormented childhood through the hands of her tyrannical High Priestess mother after seeing the damage Aku has done to the world make their will to survive a big reason to thoroughly root for them. There is a strength that these two bear in everything they do as fighters and as individuals, especially when Jack’s wisdom pairs up nicely with Ashi’s feistiness and eventual awareness of the world around her. It is also true that the ending was poignantly depressing yet subtly rewarding, but I would like to think that the gods rewarded Jack once again by restoring Ashi to life, thus making her free from Aku’s “genes” and starting her life anew with the man who saw a lot of good in her. On an irreverent note, it would probably be fun if I drew some Jack x Ashi fan-children. Overall, while this pairing was slightly rushed, I can still salute Jack x Ashi for everything it stands for.

2. Mandark x Dee Dee and Dexter x Lalavava from Dexter’s Laboratory
I cannot decide which I prefer more but these two are major deal-sealers. Hands down!

Let us start off with Mandark x Dee Dee or DarkDee or DeeDark. I think combining a self-proclaimed evil boy genius with a ditzy, fun-loving, yapping blonde ballerina is an absolute genius plan! Dee Dee would really tone down Mandark’s want for domination with her signature tenderness and joviality to the point where he would see that his “plans” to outwit Dexter might end up entirely pointless. Moreover, Mandark seems to be that one gentleman who has enough personality and spice to compliment Dee Dee’s personality effectively. Dee Dee would admire Mandark because of his dark sense of gallows’ humor because it makes him all the more charming in a weird yet fun way and Mandark would admire just how kind and merciful Dee Dee is seeing that he might not have had a lot of it growing up. So, Mandark x Dee Dee is a couple that gives the definition of opposites attract.

Speaking of opposites attract, I also happen to be a huge shipper of Dexter x Lalavava or Dexter x Olga or DexOlga or DexVava because of how there seems to be a sort of chemical attraction that makes them feed off of each other so effectively. Combining Dexter’s high-strung, fiery, hammy nature with Lalavava’s cool, calm, collected personality makes me want to support this fire and ice couple so much. Moreover, I am a sucker for love-hate relationships, as DexLalavava is that to a T. Sure, Dexter and Lalavava might seem indifferent to each other as children yet begrudgingly respect each other in virtue of their skills, but as they grow, they will start to feel oddly comfortable with each other with Dexter becoming a little bit cooler and calmer and Lalavava becoming a little more attached to Dexter’s brand of warmth and savviness. The love-hate element would be still omnipresent, but it would be backed up by so much tenderness when all the doors are closed.

Overall, Mandark x Dee Dee and Dexter x Lalavava are two Dexter’s Lab couples I can love the absolute heck out of thanks to their interesting and awesome dynamics.

But wait, you say, what couple could be better than Mandark x Dee Dee and Dexter x Lalavava combined? Well, how about some sets of superhuman couples from a classic Cartoon Network show I love to this very day. I am pretty sure you know which those couples really are. And the number sets of OTPs from Western Animation are…

1. The Color-Clash RuffPuff Couples (Brick x Buttercup, Butch x Bubbles, and Boomer x Blossom), Butch x Blossom, and Boomer x Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls
For those of you who have been following me and my fanart posting of these particular RowdyruffPowerpuff couples, you will already know that these are my Powerpuff Girls OTPs for life. Yes, I also love the absolute heck out of Mitch x Bunny or Bunnitch, Mike x Robin or Robike, Professor Utonium x Miss Keane or ProfKeane, and Mr. Green x Miss Bellum or GreenBell, but these particular RRB x PPG couples are the ones I cherish the most.

I may be a hardcore Blossutch, and Boomubbles shipper, as these two are the best couples from the color-crack and color-coded RuffPuff pairings respectively, but I have the likes of BrickercupMasterX3KatyGorlxahCHUxCitsitra-BlueresotiiStrawberryPon ColorfulWonders  and to some extent PurfectPrincessGirl and PrincessCallyie to thank from the bottom of my heart for making my love of the color-clash RuffPuff couples Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer all the more solidified, especially Brickercup, which has always been my number one color-clash RuffPuff couple of all time. It is also unbelievable as to how much Butchubbles went from being a BroTP to a cute, innocent pairing to an OTP for life thanks to how well Butch’s brawny, wild nature can mesh with Bubbles’ brand of sweetness and kindness mainly thanks to the art trades I did with KatyGorl and AquaGemPrincess. Moreover, Blossoomer went from being a cute, innocent pairing bordering on OTP to OTP for life thanks to being exposed to xahCHUx Blossoomer fan-animated music video set to “My Immortal” sung by Evanescence’s own Amy Lee and StretchNSnort‘s Blossoomer fanart and even the art trade I did with KatyGorl. So, the color-clash pairings are definitely the ones I will always root for.

In terms of Blossutch, I really to thank yosuehere‘s journal entry about her reason as to why she ships Blossutch so much to the point where I am constantly inspired by that wonderful piece of written work. My love for this particular brawny bad boy and brainy beauty RuffPuff couple will never falter and it will stay that way.

Boomubbles is the color-coded RuffPuff pairing I will be most passionate about until I fade from this world. These blue-clad blondies have something sweet, lovable, and awesome as a couple. For that, they will always find a special place in my heart as the color-coded RuffPuff couple I will always root for the most.

So, ladies, gentlemen, and readers of all ages, this is why Brickercup, Butchubbles, Blossoomer, Blossutch, and Boomubbles are my number couples not only from The Powerpuff Girls and from my Team Xtreme headcanon, but also, in my opinion, all of western animation in general.

I hope you all enjoyed this list and if you agree with it and if you feel like there is a couple you love the most from here, please let me know in the comments below. Until then, I hope you all have a blessed 2019. See you in the next submission.

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