My Top 12 Powerpuff Girls OTP of all Time

Happy Holidays, ladies, gentlemen, and readers of all ages! For all of the longtime viewers of my fanart and my journal entries, especially on DeviantArt, I know you are all aware of how much I enjoy posting my most favorite Powerpuff Girls couples of all time and not only limiting myself to Rowdyruff x Powerpuff fanart. So, for this list, I will be counting down my most favorite Powerpuff Girls OTPs ever. I did make my opinions clear in my redone RRB/PPG Shipping Chart formatted by @QuietLullabies where I talked about the five other ships that will be mentioned here again, but those will be said in very few words. However, with the other OTPs, I will expound on why I love them so much. I even want to dedicate this list to the likes of @BrickercupMasterX3, @KatyGorl, @AquaGemPrincess, @kaykeyser, and @Pastel—Star, seeing that I have some pending art trades and monthly entries with them, as well as making this list my personal Christmas gift to them. So, with that said, I hope you guys have the merriest of Christmases and may your upcoming 2019 be as amazing as it will be. Moreover, there will be no crossover pairings in this list, as it will be saved for another pairings list.

So, let the PPG OTP love, begin!

12. Major Man x Sedusa
On the surface, this con-man supervillain in a superhero’s cape and this seductress who uses her hair as a weapon can make for boundless, spicy intimacy. If one were to look beyond this, one would see just how well these two bounce off of each other. Yes, this is the overplayed big, buff stud falling for the sensual, sexy bombshell, but their moments of love-hate sex would be exciting on a consistently high level all thanks to their chemistry. Speaking of love-hate sex couples…

11. Ace x Berserk, Bud x Brute, and Snake x Brat
Ah, yes, these three couples. I pretty much pair the Powerpunk Girls with two of the Gangreen Gang members and the eldest Smith son. Ace and Berserk click really well as demanding, tough leaders with Ace’s brand of devil-may-care charm complementing so wonderfully with Berserk’s crass, fiery attitude. Bud’s misanthropic attitude may clash with Brute’s bloodlust, but one can be sure that their moments of intimacy will be far from boring. In Snake’s and Brat’s case, I can safely say that these two can click really well in terms of their personalities with Snake being the roguish charmer to Brat’s feisty personality. Ergo, Snake x Brat is essentially a sugar and spice couple. So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, my love-hate sex couples involving Ace D. Copular with Berserk Plutonium, Bud Smith with Brute Plutonium, and Sanford D. “Snake” Ingleberry with Brat Plutonium.

10. Mr. Green x Miss Sara Bellum
This got on here by complete chance, as I thought that these two would not only be a great couple because they not only make great parental figures to the Rowdyruff Boys, thus making them grow up to be fine, upstanding gentlemen, but also in virtue of their interesting potential and dynamics as a couple. I could see Miss Bellum, known in my headcanon as Mrs. Sara Bellum-Green, wearing the pants in this relationship because of her overall savviness, strong personality, and her experience at hand-to-hand combat with Sedusa in “Something’s A Ms.”. She would fulfill her role as a strong disciplinarian to the boys with flying colors and even be tender with Mr. Green when he needs it the most. Speaking of Mr. Green, I see him being the nurturing, comforting husband to Mrs. Bellum-Green as well as being a self-sacrificing, exceptional role model of a father to Brick, Butch, and Boomer. I figure that their dynamics as a couple would come off as flexible, full of amazing synergy, and full of the empathy that both of them have for each other. So, this off-beat, unconventional couple between a supernatural teacher and an articulate, straight-minded deputy to the mayor is definitely here to stay with me until the end of time, as I wholeheartedly approve of this pairing.

9. Professor Utonium x Miss Keane
Before I shipped the Rowdyruff Boys with the Powerpuff Girls, before the beauty that is Mike Believe x Robin Snyder aka Robike, I was a hardcore shipper of Professor Utonium x Miss Keane aka ProfKeane ever since I was about seven years old. I swear the chemistry between these two educators is not only palpable but also beautiful, fun, and lovely. Sure, “Keen on Keane” was very much a ship tease episode which ended very disappointedly and I dare not spoil what happened in the ending, but, where my headcanon is concerned, Professor Utonium and Mrs. Keane-Utonium are happily married, thus making her Blossom’s, Buttercup’s, Bubbles’, and Bunny’s mother. With their superb parenting powers combined, Professor Utonium and Mrs. Keane-Utonium could certainly make Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny turn into even more upstanding ladies and equally noble superheroines.

8. Harry Pitt x Julie Bean
I will admit that this pairing landed itself here because of that lovely, cute piece of fanart in courtesy of the one and only @MissEmmyJay and that was “Doodle- Assigned Dance Class Partners”. Through MJ’s magnificent piece of work, I could automatically confirm that pairing Harry Pitt with Julie Bean is really interesting. This is the classic case of the grubby, messy, grungy boy pairing up with the chubby, jovial, freckle-faced girl which I am sure is done in a lot of pieces of media or literature aimed for a teenage or pre-teen audience. Something tells me that Harry’s and Julie’s relationship would go from slight disinterest as kindergarteners to being good friends as grade-school children to showing puppy love as middle-school children to dating as high-schoolers what with Harry being the grubby jock to Julie Bean’s preppy cheerleader all the way up to college and ending up married as adults. To conclude, Harry Pitt x Julie Bean is a pairing that is the definition of needing a lot more love than it deserves.

7. The Mayor x His Wife
I am a huge sucker for the “grandparent” couples. My heart melts every time I see the chemistry between the likes of Grandpa Phil and Grandma Gertie from “Hey Arnold!”. Looks like this one is no exception and I wholeheartedly wish this particular “grandparent” was explored a lot more and for The Mayor’s Wife to have had a little bit more development and personality in her appearances. On a slightly more tangential note, I wish there were more fanart of The Mayor and his darling unnamed wife who I will safely christen her as Mrs. Mayor. Sure, the Mayor by himself does seem eccentric, clumsy, and on the extremely clueless side, but I am darn sure that his wife would be that woman who has the strength to set him straight while also being eccentric in her own special way.

6. Hanout x Pablo and Elmer Sglue x Mary
Yet other pairings that have spontaneously popped into my mind makes it onto this PPG OTP list. I figured that there is something really sweet, adorable, and, dare I say, adorkable when it comes to these two couples. Hanout and Pablo would totally click superbly with each other because of their overall sympathy, kindness, and genuineness as people and I would love to have a lot more diversity in my shipping choices and not just limit myself to plainly straight pairings. Hence, my reason for shipping Hanout and Pablo as a couple is because there is an unparalleled adorkability these two have when they are together. With Elmer Sglue and Mary as a couple, this is essentially the short, portly, young gentleman pairing up nicely with a massive, jolly young lady. I think this pairing can work in terms of how well they not only click but also how well they can support each other through thick and thin. So, for this holiday season, let us give a huge cheer to these adorkable couples.

5. Boomer x Bubbles
This should come off as no surprise that I am a major Boomubbles fan, as I have been shipping Boomer and Bubbles ever since I was a young teenager. Out of all the color-coded pairings, this is the one that wins the gold medal in terms of their normality, sweetness, and the unconditional love, moral support, and overall strength Boomer and Bubbles give to each other through thick and thin.

4. Butch x Blossom
Blossutch is possibly one of the greatest examples of a brawny bad boy and beautiful bookworm couple and for that, my passion for this particular color-crack couple will never die. Both Butch and Blossom could find synchronicity and balance with each other and they can really kick butt when combining Butch’s brawns with Blossom’s tactfulness. Ergo, Blossutch is the best color-crack RuffPuff pairing, in my opinion.

3. Mike Believe x Robin Snyder
To this day, I am still so ecstatic to call myself a hardcore Robike shipper for life. The gentility, unconditional love, and sweetness these two have for each other is nothing short of amazing. Combining Mike’s introverted, noble, kind-hearted, and lovable nature with Robin’s more extroverted, fun-loving, endearing, and sweet personality is a genius plan. I am fully aware this pairing did not happen in canon, but when I was fifteen years old, I have seen a lot of adorable fanart made by the likes of @MarcosBnPinto, @HMontes, and deewbi. Through those fanworks, both fanart and fanfiction, I grew to love Robike as a legitimate pairing, to the point I wish this was canon. Perhaps, similar to how Robin is a great comrade to the Powerpuff Girls, Mike could also be considered the Rowdyruff Boys best friend for life, thus peacefully uniting the two teams. When all is said and done, Mike Believe x Robin Snyder is definitely the greatest normie couple to ever exist in the Powerpuff Girls universe to the point where these two darlings are married in my Team Xtreme headcanon.

2. Mitch Mitchelson x Bunny
I cannot thank my sister from another mother @BrickercupMasterX3 for opening my eyes to this lovely normie x Powerpuff Girl pairing. June of this year was the fateful month, as it was Bunnitch month, where I unconditionally accepted Bunnitch as not only the greatest normie x Powerpuff Girl pairing ever but also one of my most beloved OTPs of all time. Mitch’s brand of rough-and-tumble attitude is actually a lovely, heartfelt compliment to Bunny’s innocence and softness to the point where this is essentially a yin-and-yang couple. Mitch would always be the type of guy who would go out of his way to be there for Bunny in the good times and in the bad times and Bunny would be the one to see a softer, more sympathetic side to Mitch. Therefore, Mitch would never have to go back to his bad boy ways and he can be grateful that someone like Bunny can be able to change him for the better. Moreover, Bunny will always feel comfortable in her own skin thanks to Mitch’s continuous encouragement. Now that is what I call relationship goals. All in all, Mitch x Bunny is a dynamic, lovable, cute, and fine couple that is here to stay for good and for all.

Now, we are at the zenith of this PPG OTP list. What couple could be better than the loveliness that is Bunnitch? Well, we do not just have one couple, but three. And the number one set of PPG OTPs is…

1. The Color-Clash RuffPuff Couples (Brick x Buttercup, Butch x Bubbles, and Boomer x Blossom)
Forget the color-coded RuffPuff couples, except for Boomubbles, I manage to hit the jackpot with Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer these days, especially Brickercup. Brickercup is the definition of the hot and spicy couple, as Brick and Buttercup have this exciting synergy which makes them all the more dynamic, awesome, and flexible as a couple. Butchubbles has been rapidly growing on me for the past several months, as this couple consisting of a brutish, wild, brawny dude and a lovely ingenue with an edge is really interesting and fun. Butch could be that one guy who could emit Bubbles’ hardcore side, while Bubbles could emit Butch’s more sympathetic, tamer side. I even have @KatyGorl to thank for the art trade, as her Butchubbles children have become part of my Team Xtreme headcanon and for also making me solidify Butchubbles as one of my beloved RuffPuff OTPs of all time. Blossoomer is beauty, sympathy, and pure, unconditional love incarnate. I have @StretchNSnort to thank for making me extremely invested in this pairing between a lovable dumb muscle and an articulate beauty, @xahCHUx for her superb fan-animated music video of Evanescence’s “My Immortal”, as this tear-jerking piece of work managed to make me love Blossoomer so much more than I already do, and, of course, @KatyGorl for the art trade and everything about her Blossoomer Next-Gen Month. As I already said, this couple is magnificently flexible because Boomer could help Blossom not stress out too much about the small stuff, while Blossom can inspire Boomer to stand up for himself more often, thus making him a better person. So, ladies and gentlemen, Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer are the three couples that stand tall and strong as my number one set of Powerpuff Girls OTPs of all time.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this list. If you have a particular OTP that you would love to add or if you see some OTPs that you love from here, please let me know in the comments below. Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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