Fan Fiction Recommendation: Baby Madness, a Powerpuff Girls fanfic written by crazycatmommy

Hello, once again! Antoni aka the Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup FanFiction Critic and Recommender, here with another Reds-centered fanfic. As promised, I will be taking a look at the sequel to Wedding Madness, Baby Madness, written once again by crazycatmommy and published on January 16, 2017. It’s rated T. It’s in English. It’s Romance/Humor. It’s in fourteen chapters, and the main pairing is, obviously, Brick/Blossom. Other pairings featured here are Butch/Buttercup and Boomer/Bubbles. Other characters featured are Professor Utonium, Miss Keane, Miss Bellum, Robin, Mary, and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. There are also some OCs in the forms of Blossom’s co-worker Stuart, Dr. Rosenstein, and some other co-workers of Brick and Blossom. Since the story takes place some months after the Wedding Madness in the span of a year, the main characters are between 22 and 23 to 23 and 24.
Well, folks, the Reds have struck again, along with the Greens and the Blues. As you can tell by the fanfic title, Blossom is going to give birth after that cliffhanger in Wedding Madness. With that said, let’s get on to what I thought about Baby Madness.
Brick and Blossom are excited and anxious that they are going be parents to their newborn baby but they are not sure of the baby’s gender. Butch and Buttercup are confident it’s going to be a boy. Whereas Boomer and Bubbles are confident it’s going to be a girl. What follows is a wager between Brick’s and Blossom’s younger siblings thus being excited to be uncles and aunties to the newborn child, loads of baby shower preparations in courtesy of Bubbles, an ex-boyfriend in the form of Dexter coming to see Blossom, Professor Utonium being excited about the prospect as a grandfather, Boomer’s and Bubbles’ upcoming wedding in Disney World, and the pangs of pregnancy as experienced by Blossom. By and large, I consider this story an exceptional follow-up to Wedding Madness. It maintains its charm, humor, great buildup, and interest, and I dare not spoil the ending, as it is very heartwarming, sweet, adorable and a great way to wrap everything up. Even more so, I almost teared up in the ending. When all is said and done, this story left me wanting more, as I was thoroughly entertained, touched, and let’s just say I loved everything about it from beginning to end. Seeing that this is also a story of a woman getting pregnant, this is also handled with such thought, care, and sensitivity, especially considering the research and hard work crazycatmommy put into understanding about special classes like the Lamaze technique. To top it all off, there were even some references to the original Powerpuff Girls episodes and those were Mime for a Change, Knock it Off, and Cover Up for all the hardcore PPG fans out there.
The characters certainly developed magnificently from the prequel. My heart really went out for Brick in this fanfic. He certainly grew into a mature, wise, caring, emphatic, noble, loving, hardworking, and steadfast husband to Blossom and father-to-be for the new baby. He even proves himself to be an excellent cook making healthy meals for not only Blossom but for the pair of them. I literally rooted for him and Blossom to make it through this particular ordeal and I couldn’t be any happier.
Blossom proves herself to be a devoted, strong, steadfast, loving, loyal, and awesome wife to Brick. During her pregnancy, she had one moment where she exploded at Brick. However, what comes after this will leave one with a huge grin. As a mother-to-be, she does have her anxieties in terms of how she will look during and after childbirth and how healthy their child will be. One also has to leave it up to her loving husband, Brick, to ensure that everything will be all right and she can put her faith in him.
As a married couple, these two have excellently heartwarming chemistry. Gone is the bickering from their childhood, as it has made way to pure genuine love and support for each other. In sickness and in health, these two leaders have each others’ backs all step of the way.
Butch has toned down his impulsivity and still manages to be charming and hilarious, in an occasionally irreverent manner. Even more so, he ended up being happily married to Buttercup after everything they went through. Moreover, Butch is a supportive, kind, and loyal brother to Brick, and a good brother-in-law to Blossom, even though he can be cheeky, with the whole prosthetic belly dare to Brick.
Buttercup has also toned down her stubbornness and impulsivity, and she continues to have Blossom’s back when it came to taking her to her Lamaze class. Even though it was only mentioned, Buttercup states that even though she calls Butch rude names on some occasions, they always make love to each other to compensate for all crazy crap that happened. Even more so, that trademark tomboyish spark she has never dissipated, which has consistently made her endearing.
Boomer has proven himself to be an endearing, loving, and totally caring fiancé to Bubbles. It was clear as night and day that these two will eventually end up together, in terms of their plans of getting married in Disneyworld Florida. Sure, he does keep his cheekiness, but it’s done in a way that makes him amusing as a character.
Once again, Bubbles steals the show. She goes out of her way to make sure the baby shower will be absolutely perfect. Sure, her whole preparation schtick does feel like a rehash of the one in Wedding Madness, but it’s really nice to see someone who takes the full initiative to make her eldest sister happy. Bubbles still manages to be a good listener to Blossom’s suggestions, even though she is fully confident that the newborn baby will be a girl.
Professor Utonium maintains his trademark benevolence as a father to his daughters, a father-in-law to his sons-in-law, especially Brick, Butch, and in a few moments Boomer, and a prospective grandfather. Not much more to say, other than he provides good moral support.
Dexter makes an appearance in the climax, as the jilted and obsessive ex who wants Blossom back so badly, even though he knows that she is married to Brick. He also has that air of haughtiness considering his position as a Science and Maths professor at a university, as he is rather condescending in terms of Brick’s current job. Let’s just say that Blossom’s roasting of Dexter was rather awesome, you have to read it for yourselves, all ye Blossick fans.
Robin and Mary make their appearances in the baby shower scene, as they are supportive and excited about Blossom’s future child. As friends of the Powerpuff Girls, they show a lot of love and support, nothing more, nothing less.
The OCs’ existence in this fanfic was an absolute treat and not at all obnoxious. Dr. Rosenstein is a handsome, charming obstetrician who, as a professional, ensures that Blossom has a safe and healthy delivery. He even makes sure that she and Brick are prepared for something like this. Stuart, one of Blossom’s co-workers in a fashion company, is a flamboyant gay man, who does not shove his sexuality into anyone’s throats. He is also charming, lovable, and a welcome addition to the story.
In spite of the praise I have for this great sequel and story, there were a few minor flaws, mostly on a technical level that cannot be overlooked. There were some spelling errors, a few cases of wrong wording, and a few grammatical errors. I am aware that crazycatmommy might have other priorities to fulfill in her life, but if she were to come back to these stories, I would highly suggest she fix up the errors. Yet, when all is said and done, the layout is still really good, and I can forgive the errors, as it is a wonderfully woven story. Now, if only we can get Buttercup’s and Bubbles’ new baby experiences and Butch’s and Boomer’s excitement about being prospective dads, I am sure it will be a heck load of fun and it will be as touching as this.
Overall, if you love Wedding Madness, I am confident that you will love Baby Madness. It’s not only a great sequel and continuation, but it’s also a great story which wraps Brick’s and Blossom’s excitement as prospective parents really well. With that said, I give this fanfic a well-deserved A+. I know right. I am this forgiving for all the technical flaws of this fanfic because it still managed to be a well-told story that wrapped things up so greatly.
Well, that’s all for now. This is basically the last fanfiction recommendation I am making as the Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup FanFiction Critic and Recommender unless you guys have other fanfics involving these four bruisers to recommend for me to take a good look at. Speaking of Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup, looking at these fanfics as well as some fanart on, of course, Deviantart has kind of inspired me to draw some fanart of these four badass bruisers together. Oh, how the creative juices are flowing in my brain, veins, and heart during this Easter holiday.
As for now, tune in later for yet another fanfiction recommendation and we are going back to Inuyasha with The Blue Twin written by Never Surrender. Until then, this is Antoni wishing you a blessed Holy Week.

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