Theme Song

Pazuru A Capella

Welcome to The NHK was anime which fascinated me as a high school freshman and truly appreciated when I was a high school graduated. Its opening theme originally sung by Round Table and Nino captured my heart ever since. I hope you enjoy my rendition of Pazuru, everybody.

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MeiQ Meikyuu Make You A Capella

MeiQ, which is a play on words on the Japanese lexeme Meikyuu meaning labyrinth, originally sung by the heavenly Hayami Kishimoto was the opening song that got me pumped-up after school to tune into Detective School Q on Animax. I hope you all enjoy my rendition of Detective School Q’s first opening, everybody.  

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The Sore Feet Song A Capella

Ah, Mushishi, an anime series which has intrigued me with its intrinsic beauty, subtlety, and intelligence as well as its soothing theme song originally sung by Ally Kerr. I hope you all enjoy my rendition of The Sore Feet Song, everybody.  

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Teen Titans Theme Song A Capella

Ever since Teen Titans first graced the screen on Cartoon Network back in 2003, its theme song always kept me pumped-up wanting more awesomeness from this show. Now, it is my turn to give my own spin on this rocking superhero cartoon theme song.  

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Pepper Ann Theme Song A Capella

It’s time to head to Hazelnut Middle School where I sing my rendition of a theme tune starring a spunky, bespectacled red-head known for her quirkiness and vivacity. I hope you all enjoy my rendition of Pepper Ann’s theme song.  

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Daria Theme Song A Capella

I have always been a fan of Splendora’s Standing on My Neck, which also served as the opening to one of my most favorite animated shows of all time, Daria. So, enjoy my rendition of this theme song.  

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