Please Subscribe to UMIGAME’S Channel

Hello, everybody. Antoni here to spread the word of my older brother from another mother’s YouTube channel UMIGAME where he does some skits and, of course, his Let’s Eat videos of dessert-type snack foods, which are absolutely entertaining and have this lovable, down-to-earth vibe I enjoy so much about his content.   I shall say this once, and I will say this again. Umi is one of the greatest friends I have ever had during my Diploma Program year at IAFT back in mid-2011. That’s right, folks, we go way back. When I started back in May 31, 2011, we were just mere acquaintances. However, our first full-fledged collaboration as actors occurred in a friend’s Thesis film in Manila, which I enjoyed so much not only for the new friends I made there, but also the growing friendship occurring between me and Umi.   From there, we ended up collaborating in a fair amount of films, I was in his Thesis film, he was a cast member in my MOS, and it was an overall amazing time I had with this down-to-earth gentleman. Even after nine years, our friendship never wavered.   To conclude, I hope you can support Umi by subscribing to his channel, staying updated with the content he has to offer, and enjoy his videos because he is an absolutely awesome chap. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be entertained and bear witness to the tasty snack foods he has in store for you.   Take care and stay safe, everybody.

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Show Your Love to Barone Vitellio Scarpia

Good morning, everybody. Antoni here with another channel I would love to recommend to all of you.   Do you love chiaroscuro singing? Do you treasure vocal clarity in opera? Barone Vitellio Scarpia has you covered when it comes to separating the great singing from the bad.   Named after Tosca’s villain, this gentleman mostly specializes in comparing various tenors, baritones, bass-baritones, and basses with the occasional comparison to sopranos, mezzos, and contraltos. For the record, I would also love to see him branch out in comparing more female voices a lot more often so that there can be a bit more balance and variety in his channel.   I have been subscribed to him for only a couple of months, and his content is quite fascinating in terms of comparing various singers and finding out some really underrated gems. He only has 335 subscribers, but I would love to see his channel flourish because of what he has to offer as a content creator revolving around opera. Ergo, he has definitely been another wonderful content creator who has helped me appreciate what true opera singing is.   Without further ado, I hope you can all show your love for Barone Vitellio Scarpia, subscribe to his channel, and witness what he has to offer. You will not regret it in the slightest iota.   Have a good day and stay safe, everybody.

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Please Check Out Daniel’s Etsy Shop

Hello, everybody. Antoni here with another written entry.   In these trying times of the Coronavirus being more widespread than ever, I say that it is more than imperative to support the ones we hold dearly in our hearts.   As I am about to approach my second year of being on DeviantArt, I have been encountering a lot of brilliant, generous, genuine, and passionate minds. Some of them ended up being my most loyal followers and very great friends. Among them is none other than Daniel D. Roberts aka JekyllAndHydeChannel.   Daniel has always been one of my most supportive fans and friends of all time and I have been super thankful for the gifts he has been giving me so far. Moreover, his art and his opinions are really unique and interesting, though the former category is on the crudely-drawn side. Nevertheless, he is a decent gentleman altogether.   Daniel’s Etsy shop contains a fine amount of knick-knacks, gift cards, and small plushies you might endeavor to check out, which are perfect for any occasion. If you endeavor to have interest in checking his stuff out, please click the link below.   Until then, stay safe, take care of yourselves, and take care of each other.

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My Boundless Gratitude to a Good Friend and a Great Supporter

I am really grateful to have someone as awesome as Farcas Andrei being very supportive of my work as a YouTube vlogger who reviews operas, concerts, albums, musicals, ballets, movies, anime, and cartoons. It truly means something when someone can appreciate what you can do and shows support in everything you have to offer. So, Andrei, I thank you so wholeheartedly for your insurmountable support in my journey as a YouTuber, and I will also support you in everything you do. Take care, my friend.

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