December 2018

Bloom Amanda Green: Tactician and Innovator drawn by me

This Blossoomer fan-child picture, which is part of my little sister from another mother Katy’s aka KatyGorl’s Blossoomer Next-Gen Month, is dedicated to Josh aka TheTrainMrMenPonyFan and Trashlord aka Kandyrezi who celebrated their birthdays a few days ago, Jesse J. Barboza aka jbwarner86, divadonna224, and Naura S. aka NauraImagination who celebrated their birthdays yesterday. So, I hope you guys had amazing, blessed, beautiful, happy, grand, uplifting, energetic, elegant, and astounding birthdays. I wish you a lot of love, joy, strength, triumph, and abundance in all of your lives as artists. This is also dedicated to all of the Blossoomer shippers. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy, as we get to know the 17-year-old Bloom Amanda Green the first-born sextuplet daughter of Boomer Green and Blossom Utonium-Green. We find ourselves in 2028, which is ten years from now into the future. Bloom has matured from an idealistic, wide-eyed little girl of seven years old to a creative, brilliant, ambitious, highly intelligent, exceptionally well-rounded teenage girl who is very much the catalyst of changing the world around her. Bloom is a twelfth-grade student at Townsville High seeing that she, Brittney Jane or BJ, and Beau skipped a grade in the first grade and went straight to the second grade when they were little girls because the teachers felt like they were extremely ready to take on the bigger challenges. She has her eye on Townsville University, Harvard, Pepperdine University, Loyola University Chicago, and even Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, and Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, especially when it comes to studying Media and Design and Biochemistry. She would even love to spend semesters abroad and contribute her scientific expertise to the world’s greater good. As one can see, Bloom has developed a natural synthetic that can give roses and other types of flowers a different color and not just the typical red, pink, white and/or yellow without harming them whatsoever. Ergo, her passion for the environment shows no limits to the point where she uses plant-based fibers to make and design her own clothes, thus having a desire to open her own plant-based fashion chain. In terms of her academics, she shows consistency, focus, determination, and savviness in every subject she does. Therefore, she has always been the winner of the Alfred Nobel Academic Award for each quarter, as she has averages ranging from 98,67 to 99,90% making her a straight A+ student at Townsville High. Furthermore, Bloom is the student council vice president and participates in the Chess, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Physics, Math, English Literature, Fashion Design, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography clubs. Some students aspire to be like her, boys want to date her, while others especially the girls are rather jealous of her. Beneath this perfect shell, lies a girl who is caring, sympathetic, fun-loving, open, and good-humored, as she has a great number of friends including Cassiopeia and Andromeda Astronomonov, Mandark’s and DeeDee’s eighteen-year-old daughters, and Ross and Peter Mordecai, Douglas and Vicky’s eighteen-year-old sons. Sometimes, Bloom can goof off whenever she gets overworked or when she is struggling to come up with a groundbreaking idea, but that is just her way of dealing with the craziness of being a teenage girl. Bloom has no prospects of being in a relationship, even though she has had crushes on both girls and boys but leaning more towards girls. She knows that the time will come when that special person will come into her life and they would end up clicking. When it comes to fighting crime, Bloom always uses analysis and tact in order to take her enemies down from the inside. Her special of embedding objects made of raw energy in ice certainly makes her a most formidable opponent, thus giving her enemies a good old-fashioned butt-whooping. So, I hope you all enjoyed this look into the life of the seventeen-year-old Bloom, Boomer and Blossom’s first sextuplet daughter. See you in the next submission. The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network. Bloom belongs to KatyGorl.

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After five months of being on hiatus in my online reviewing, I am officially back. What better way to herald my return to vlog-style opera reviewing than with my review of the Met’s radio stream of Arrigo Boito’s Mefistofele starring the virile Christian van Horn, the charming Michael Fabiano, the mighty Angela Meade, and the fine Jennifer Check. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

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The Complete Brickercup Family drawn by me

This Brickercup family picture, which is part of my art trade with my little sister from another mother Kaitlyn aka KatyGorl and part of my other little sister from another mother Paula aka BrickercupMasterX3’s Brickercup Month, is dedicated to Selma aka Scarlettbreaking and Bunny aka Bunnykoi who celebrated their birthdays last week, Francisco Hilario aka FcoMk513 who celebrated his birthday six days ago, Bree aka Citsitra-Blue who celebrated her birthday five days ago, Mary/Kathryn aka Circvs who celebrated her birthday four days ago, and Chuck aka Chandler666Bing and Lemon aka lemonkitera33 who celebrated their birthday three days ago. So, Selma, Bunny, Francisco, Bree, Mary Kathryn, Chuck, Lemon, I hope you guys had amazing, awesome, wonderful, uplifting, fabulous, and phenomenal birthdays. I wish you all my love, joy, happiness, tenderness, beauty, strength, and triumph in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the wonderful Brickercup shippers. So, I hope you all enjoy and soak in this Brickercup goodness.   The Brickercup family has struck again and this time it’s bigger, more exciting, and more fun. We have 26-year-old Brick being the tough, buff, big Kahuna daddy that he is with his darling 25-year-old wife Buttercup being the tough, strong mom. At the front are the 7-year-old eldest sextuplets Brad, Bruce, Bailee, Bea, Brett, and Bridget and 6-year-old second eldest daughter Brina. On the right are 4-year-old Blaze, 3-year-old Brent, and 2-year-old sororal twins Brooke and Brianna. Finally, on the left are 1-year-old twins Bane and Bethany and on Brick’s shoulder is 8-month-old Bona. This is truly quite the clan of rambunctious, rough-and-tumble, determined, fiery, athletic, and tough fighters.   We got to know about Blaze, Brent, and Brook, so let us to get to know the other Brickercup kids, shall we?   Bradford Tyrone “Brad” Green, Bruce Warren Green, Bailee Christina “BC Jr.” Green, Beatrice Elizabeth “Bea” Green, Brett Rupert Green, and Bridget Melissa Green were born on June 3, 2011. It was said that the sextuplets were loud, wild, and rambunctious when they emerged from their mother’s womb with Bridget being the loudest. Because Brick, Buttercup and the rest of their respective siblings were entering college, Mr. Green, Professor Utonium, Mrs. Bellum-Green, and Mrs. Keane-Utonium were very much in charge of raising their grandchildren with the six superheroes coming to visit every weekend to check up on their progeny. As the sextuplets were in their toddler years, they went out of their ways to have their playtime in the form of sparring matches whether it is against each other or using their favorite stuffed animals as punching bags, thus exhibiting their toughness as fighters.   Bradford Tyrone Green, or Brad as he prefers to be called, sees himself as the overall eldest of the sextuplets and the other children of Brick and Buttercup. He takes after his father’s loud, imposing, hot-headed nature that the phrase “the apple does not fall too far from the tree” does not even begin to describe Brad to the point where he is such a daddy’s boy. Even though he always prefers to be called Brad, his parents would always call him by his complete name whenever he is in deep trouble. Being a daddy’s boy, he loves to have sparring matches with Brick every weekend along with his brother/best friend Bruce. Brad always loves to know that he is in charge, though there are times his siblings and cousins can be rather irritated by his overconfidence. Regardless, he means well to all of his siblings and he will always have their backs every single time. Brad’s hobbies include weightlifting, basketball, American football, soccer, judo, mixed martial arts, wrestling, karate, boxing, listening to heavy metal music, reading graphic novels, and Greek history. His special power is the usage of his flame-enhanced laser beams, which can easily obliterate any foe who crosses his path. Just one blast of those flame-enhanced laser beams and that foe is surely a goner. Brad aspires to become a professional mixed martial artist with his entrance music being “Indestructible” sung by Disturbed.   Bruce Warren Green is fiercely loyal to his brother Brad to the point where they are best friends forever. As much as Bruce is so close to his father, he absolutely looks up to his mother as his role model. Bruce is just as loud, imposing, and hot-headed as his father and Brad, but he is also a rambunctious and determined soul like his mother. Brad and Bruce have a super strong bond as brothers almost akin to Castor and Pollux, as they are inseparable. He and Brad always love to show that they are in charge and even though this trait can be a nuisance to their siblings and cousins, they mean well. Bruce does compliment Brad in a way that he is slightly softer than his commanding brother. Bruce’s hobbies are kickboxing, wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, karate, judo, weightlifting, basketball, American football, soccer, listening to death metal music and rock ‘n roll, reading science fiction novels like the ones by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, and Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. His special power is his signature Raging Dragon Blast, in which he forms a blazing comet with his hands akin to Goku’s Kamehameha Wave. When Bruce unleashes this, a flaming comet will emerge and will completely incinerate his opponents to smithereens. Bruce aspires to be a professional wrestler/mixed martial artist who is going to win all the tournaments alongside his favorite brother Brad.   Bailee Christina “BC Jr.” Green really lives up to her nick-namesake, as she is a marvelous combination of Brick’s hot-headedness, roughness, and pride and Buttercup’s toughness, feistiness, and free-spirited nature. She is close to both her father and her mother, as she equally loves them both. BC Jr. loves physical competition to a fault in everything she does whether they be sports, video games or general butt-kicking. Being the tomboy she is, she always loves to get her hands dirty and enjoys wearing…

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