Antoni Garcia

My High School Retreat: A Bummer but at least it was worth it

Ah, my senior high school retreat. Not really the best moment of my adolescent life but not the worst either. On the one hand, a part of me felt happy to know that I had good friends in my circle. People who really grew up to be so much better than what they used to be and were actually compassionate. So, I would just like to say, thank you so much for your compassion and your empathy, I wish you all the best. On the other hand, I kinda hated it because of the fact that one spoiled-ass brat, the one in the very front in light blue, complained about me not bringing lechon before departing to this very place. Yet the worst was that ungrateful, unemphatic, cantankerous, sorry excuse of a witch, the one in yellow and in jeans and flip-flops, who gave me this disgustingly mean look even after I’ve said, I’m sorry about the shortcomings I’ve made. And both she and that brat had the nerve to act so fakely saccharine in the I Have a Dream song, which made my stomach turn inside! I hate sounding repetitive, but she truly is a sorry excuse of a person and I highly doubt she’s ever gonna grow up. Even after she gave me that look, I would’ve told her how much of a pain in the ass she was and she would’ve fled and cried like the bitch she was and I would’ve been in major trouble. I know I hate reliving such barf-worthy memories, but sometimes I have to learn to accept that some people grow with empathy and grace, yet others choose not to and only seem to bully to make themselves look bigger yet make total asses of themselves. On a general level, I have grown to be a better as time went on. Sure, it hurts so much when that witch just shot me a stink eye, instead of just forgiving me, because I also wanted the best from her too and I only wanted to be good friends and be very accepting to everyone around me though stay true to my opinions and who I am. But as the saying goes, you can’t always please everyone and I learned it the hard way. So to those who learned to accept me as a person, a friend, a confidant, whatever, and especially those who proved themselves to be compassionate and forgiving, I just want to say thank you so much. As to those other people, who gave me such a hard time, I would just say “get bent” and end it from here. However, I say, I feel sorry for you, because you never knew how to forgive others and I hope you’ll learn your lesson when all is said and done. I only wish you would grow up to be a better person. Sure it’s temptingly easy to tell you how much of a nasty, stupid, unemphatic, insensitive jerk-ass prostitute you were, but I chose not to. Especially to that spoiled, whiny brat who wanted lechon despite the fact that food was already provided for us, it would’ve been easy for me to call you a big, greedy pig. Instead, I just chose to say deep down, I pity you, despite your insurmountable rudeness, two-faced nature and overall witchery. That is all.

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Top of the morning to you all! Buenos dias a vosotros todos! Guten Morgen an euch alle! The 6th Annual Mr. Coat Contributor Award Nominations is under way. A lot of my great reviewer friends like Logan Ridenbaugh aka Hewy Toonmore, Sam Flemming aka South Jersey Sam, Andy Snyder and David Rose from The DVD Shelf, James Sullivan aka Jaimetud, Ryan Hipp from That Show and Daniel Swallow aka Sonicguru have made a lot of great content and the work they have done to their respective shows and everything have been quite phenomenal. So vote to your heart’s content as the deadline is on March 1. Instructions are on the site attached. Have a lovely day! 😀

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