Antoni Garcia

My Appalling Experience with United Airlines

With all of this talk of United Airlines, it’s time for me to say my piece. Don’t take this as an invitation to a pity party, because this still grinds my gears to this very day! My experience with United Airlines was extremely crappy. Three years ago during Christmas Break 2013, I flew with this poor excuse of an airline to Minneapolis, South Carolina, and Florida all in the span of December 20, 2013, up until January 7, 2014. The first strike was when my baggage was delayed in arriving. The gentleman at the front desk told me it will come over tomorrow morning. Yet, it did not! It came on Christmas Eve and Lord knows how pissed off I was. I had to buy, along with some family friends, more clothes, toiletries and an extra MacBook Air charger. This never happened to me and the fact that it did was just mortifying! The second strike was all of the flight delays and cancellations, which caused a lot of inconveniences to some of my other family friends in South Carolina and Florida, especially the former. They were waiting for me for a long time, as I asked them to pick me up from the airport and I practically had to wait at my departure airport for quite some time. Then came the time I was supposed to come back from Florida to Berlin and when I found out that the flight was canceled due to technical difficulties, I had to stay at a hotel near the airport. All the while, the lady at the front desk was complaining that she wants to retire. Only that the day after that, she showed up at the desk once again. When I was trying to get to my connecting flight from Washington Dulles back to Berlin, no one aided me to which gate I had to go. That’s right. I had to stay in another hotel in Washington-Dulles. The third and final strike was the fact that United Airlines never gave me any reimbursement after what happened to my freaking baggage. You know what they did? They decided to charge all the receipts I sent to them from Berlin to AmWay. My mom, I don’t know why she did not tell this to me immediately, told me about the whole AmWay thing in Verona, of all places. She even told me, “Come on! Grow up!” as if she were blaming me for all of this shit! Seriously, United Airlines, I hope you’re happy with what you assholes have done to me and my own mother. You should give yourselves a medal of shame! That should be your ultimate prize! Yes, there’s also the fact that United Airlines’ services are absolute shit, but when I read all of the horror stories, especially the one I read just now about some gentlemen being dragged out of their flights in a brutal fashion, my blood began to boil once more! Hence, my respect for this piece of shit of an airline went out the flipping window. Additionally, I have some final words for United Airlines and I know a lot of despondent customers have said their piece, but I’ll say it anyway, “You better change your greedy, despicable, inhumane, and indifferent attitude or your poor excuse of a company will rot in Hell!” That is all for my rant on the shit airline known as United Airlines! If you have stories you want to share, about your experiences with United Airlines, please feel free to comment. Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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