Antoni Garcia

Fukai Mori A Capella

All right, ladies and gentlemen. Here is my first attempt at singing an anime song. Without further ado, this is my rendition of Inuyasha’s second ending song Fukai Mori originally sung by Do As Infinity. Yes, I am singing this in a much higher key, but I thought it would be more suitable for my voice. Enjoy it. By the way, if you are wondering why I was not always looking at the camera, it is mainly because I was trying to follow the lyrics on Anime Lyrics, while also singing the truncated version for television.

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The Michigan Rag A Capella

And now we find ourselves with yet another Michigan J. Frog classic song. That’s right. The Michigan Rag which was originally composed for the classic “One Froggy Evening”. Happy listening, folks.

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Hello My Baby A Capella

Growing up with Looney Tunes’ Michigan J. Frog has made this classic song stuck in my head ever since I was a five-year-old boy. Now, as an adult, I give this song a good shot for your listening pleasure.

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Hine E Hine A Capella

Time to get the nostalgia goggles on with another classic song from good, old New Zealand composed by Princess Te Rangi Pai. Happy listening, Happy Early Mothers’ Day, and stay safe, everybody.  

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The Painful Acres A Capella

I present to you all my personal favorite Zorak song from The Brak Show’s “Psychoklahoma”. This one was quite challenging with the amount of times I had to rehearse it and get through some tough passages, but the journey was quite fun to sink my teeth into. Happy listening and stay safe, everybody.

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